Barcode scanner module

2.4GHz OCR Passport Reader Barcode Scanner With NFC

M1902( 1D/2d/OCR/MRZ/NFC): Self-developed core technology, zero distance scanning, with voice announcement, with battery and wireless module (optional), Bluetooth and 2.4G dual-mode transmission, support NFC 13.56Mhz contactless IC card reader, support OCR passport reading.
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    Western Union, T/T, paypal,etc.
  • Color:

    Black or White
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  • Dimension:

    95mm* 75mm * 67mm
  • Interface:

    USB(COM,Type-c) RS232,RS485,TTL
  • Image Sensor:

    1280*800 Pixels
  • Warranty:

    1 Year
  • Illumination:

    White LED
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1d 2d barcode scanner

barcode scanner 2d






barcode scanner fixed mount


• 1280*800 megapixel image sensor with 2023 latest updated algorithm

• Support reading 13.56 Mhz contactless IC card,type A/B
• Wide scan angle, can read code attaching to the window
• Voice indicator embedded, voice announcement after successful scanning
• Multiple optional interfaces: USB Type-C, USB COM, RS232,RS485
• Optional Bluetooth and 2.4G dual-mode wireless transmission with battery

• Optional OCR-A/B reading feature

Image sensor 1280 * 800 Pixels
Light source White LED(6500K)
Symbologies 2D:PDF417, MicroPDF417, Data Matrix, Maxicode, QR Code, MicroQR, Aztec, Hanxin, etc.
1D: UPC, EAN, Code 128, Code 39, Code 93, Code 11, Matrix 2 of 5, Codabar,Interleaved 2 of 5, Mis Plessey, GSI DataBar, China Postal, Korean Postal,etc.
OCR: Comply with OCR-A, OCR-B font standards (*customized version)
Resolution 2D≥7mil,1D≥3.9mil
Typical reading depth Code128 10mil paper code: 0~90mm
Code128 18bytes mobile code: 0~120mm
QR 10mil 160bytes paper code: 0~55mm
QR Code 20mil :0~100mm
DM 15mil 100bytes Paper code: 0~90mm
QR 18bytes Mobile code: 0~255mm
Symbol Contrast ≥25%
Bar code sensitivity Tilt±70°,deflection±70°,rotation 360°
View angle 55° (H) * 45° (V)
Motion tolerance >2m/s
Card reader type 13.56Mhz non-contact IC card reader, supporting Type A/B card reading
Reading distance ≤7cm
Interface USB Type-C, USB COM,RS232, Blue tooth(Optional ), 2.4G
Dimension(mm) 95mm * 75mm*67mm
Weight 223g(with battery)
Volatage 5V USB power supply or 5V~1A adapter (optional 2000mA built-in battery)
Current 250mA (working); 50mA (standby); DC 5±0.25V (charging)
Working temperature -20℃~+60℃
Storage temperature -30℃~+70℃
Working humidity 5%~95%(no condensation)
Environment Light 0~100,000LUX
Static Protection ±15kV (air discharge); ±8kV (direct discharge)

Application scenarios

The M1902 NFC barcode scanner can be used as desktop scanning, can also be embedded in the gate and other barcode scanning equipment, can be applied to conference sign-in, access control equipment, identity authentication, ID card passport OCR reading, self-service payment equipment, medical self-help, etc., especially suitable for high-density paper, mobile phone code, requires close scanning, need to read ID card OCR, brush IC card, wireless transmission applications and other scenarios

NFC barcode scanner for kiosk

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