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Access control management solution - embedded qr code scanners for turnstiles Oct 19 , 2022

LONVILL embedded qr code scanners for turnstiles

With the birth of barcodes, traditional paper tickets have been gradually replaced by 2D barcodes displayed on the screen. Especially in the field of access control. By scanning the 2D code in the electronic ticket, the visitor's information record or the information record on the ticket can be obtained very quickly. This article is for the discussion of qr code application in turnstiles.

What is embedded qr code scanner for turnstiles?

Embedded qr code scanner is a device embedded in the gate of the pedestrian turnstile to open the gate. qr code turnstile uses qr code scanning to open the gate and achieve the purpose of controlling people's access.

If you make a reservation on the app in advance and get an electronic ticket, then you just need to walk up to the turnstile, open your mobile app and scan your qr code to enter smoothly, which is more convenient and faster compared to traditional turnstiles.

Besides the convenience and speed, there are more benefits of using qr code revolving door.

Turnstiles with embedded qr code scanners help manage access systems, prevent unknown people from entering the area in question, and ensure a safe environment.

qr code scanner for turnstiles

In some venues, such as amusement parks, a good visitor experience can be ensured: scanning qr codes saves time by eliminating queues for registration. Also reduce staffing requirements. One staff member can monitor several devices at the same time.

In addition QR codes on tickets can be used in a variety of event scenarios, especially for leisure events, concerts and art events. They can be scanned as a one-time ticket to enter the event and used to register people who attend the event, That's when the turnstiles with embedded qr code scanners go to work.


Campus visitor management, schools, tourist attractions, stadiums, arenas, theaters, aquariums, museums, amusement park multipurpose facilities, and other on-site entertainment and hospitality venues.

Case: A tourist attraction

The tourist attraction turnstile above is a success story for LONVILL and a scanning module integrator customer. Embedded barcode scanners were installed at the entrance of the tourist attraction, and visitors were able to enter the attraction by scanning the electronic ticket QR code on their cell phones.

Advantages of the solution.

Reduced waiting time for visitors in line

Reduces labor costs for attraction managers

Reduces the error rate of manual ticket checking

embedded barcode scanner

How to use.

1. Visitors purchase an e-ticket through the attraction's online ticketing platform

2. There is a qr barcode on the e-ticket, and visitors can use the embedded qr code scanner to scan the ticket barcode on the turnstile when entering the attraction.

3. The turnstile will respond to whether the gate should be opened or remain closed.

4. The barcode on each e-ticket can be set according to the regulations of different attractions for the number of times the barcode can be scanned on that day, and the time of being scanned is recorded.

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