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Android 12 RFID Handheld Data Terminal Rugged PDAs

RF20(1D/2D/RFID/NFC) : Android 12 Octa-Core RFID Handheld PDA Mobile Computer. With the capability to read single or multiple tags,reading distances up to 25m. Equipped with a 5.72" IPS HD touch screen, it provides a seamless and user-friendly experience.
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    Western Union, T/T, paypal,etc.
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    Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
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    Guangdong ,Shenzhen / Guangzhou
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    USB 2.0 Type-C, OTG
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    5.72-inch, 1440*720
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    1 Year
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The RF20 Android 12 Octa-Core RFID Handheld PDA offers the following features:

  1. Ultimate UHF RFID Solution: Capable of reading single or multiple tags with reading distances up to 25m. Simultaneously readable tag capacity of 300pcs/s, providing effective reading performance. (Note: Reading distance and tag detection may vary depending on the environment.)

  2. Octa-Core Processor & Super Large Memory: Powered by the CM2000-1/E710 RFID reader module, which utilizes the advanced Impinj indy R2000 chip, ensuring optimal performance and efficient data processing.

  3. 5.72" IPS HD Touch Screen: Equipped with a high-definition touch screen, providing a clear and interactive display.

  4. Long-lasting Battery & Powerful Performance: Features a built-in 10000mAh polymer lithium-ion battery and a low-consumption processor, offering extended battery life and reliable performance.

  5. Supports Secondary Development: Based on Android 12.0, the device supports JAVA development, allowing for flexible customization and integration with existing systems.

  6. IP65 Protection, Waterproof & Drop Resistant: Designed to withstand challenging environments, the RF20 is IP65-rated, providing protection against water and dust. It can withstand drops from a height of 1.5m and has undergone 1000 consecutive 0.5m tumble tests.

  7. Optional Fingerprint Capture Function: The device offers an optional fingerprint capture feature with fast acquisition speed, enabling secure and convenient authentication. The single frame acquisition time is less than 0.25s.

Handheld PDA

Handheld PDAs

RFID Handheld PDA

RFID Handheld PDAs

mobile computer

2d barcode scanner pdas

data terminal

barcode scanner with software


Data collectors

Data collectors with RFID

Application Scenarios

Widely used inasset/warehouse /financial /vehicle management, clothing inventory,  high-speed toll collection, fingerprint verification and other fields


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