Barcode scanner module

Android 9.0 Industrial Logistics PDAs

P30( 1D/2D): With super large screen, more efficient information reading and entry ; High-intensity protection and long battery life;Efficient communication and rapid deployment;Easy-to-manage device design.
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    Western Union, T/T, paypal
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    Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
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    Guangdong ,Shenzhen
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    Type-C (OTG support)
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    720 * 1440
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    1 Year
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Super large screen, more efficient information reading and entry

5.5-inch Handheld Android PDA IPS high-definition screen, so that your employees can easily see the contents of the screen without effort, reducing eye fatigue from long hours of work.

1440*720 ultra-high resolution, ultra-clear display, so that your employees are not affected when working outdoors under strong light, to avoid the trouble caused by the inability to see the screen.

Industrial grade capacitive touch screen, support gloves, wet and dry hand touch screen operation, so that your employees can easily complete the touch screen operation in any environment.

Imported two-dimensional scanning head, easy to read and cope with a variety of bar codes, scanning experience is smooth and fast.

Easy-to-manage device design

1W high-powered speakers + exclusive sound cavity design allows employees to hear alerts and scanning tones even in noisy environments.

The rear 1600W high-definition camera design not only facilitates employees to take pictures of goods and upload them, so that the pictures of the scene can be fed to the backstage management in a timely manner.

Dual SIM card design, allowing you to freely choose the operator and freely select the SIM card, you can choose the current operator with the best signal to work with, meeting the needs of more operating environments.

High-intensity protection and long battery life

Shell two-color injection molding, hard rubber support structure, soft rubber cushioning force, not only make the equipment become more beautiful, but also strengthen the equipment's ability to resist falling, 1.5 m cement fall is not a problem, so that employees can use any scene with confidence, but also to extend the life cycle of the equipment.

Android 9.0, with a more stable and secure system, lower power consumption and longer battery life, which can meet the needs of your employees throughout their shifts and also extend the life of the device.

Even if the device is dead, it can be quickly filled up. 4600mAh removable extra-large battery allows your employees to easily replace the battery, double guarantee, no need to worry about the battery life.

Efficient communication and rapid deployment  

USB3.0 interface, with N times faster transfer speed compared to USB2.0, with software that enables quick transfer of all data and settings from the old device to the new device, allowing employees to retain their original work habits to get up and running quickly, and also enabling efficient device replacement.

handheld PDAs

android data collector

android PDAs

industrial handle PDAs

industrial logistics pda

IP67 handheld pda


System Configuration



8-core 2.0GHz high-performance processor

Operating System

Android 9.0

Memory (ROM+RAM)

2GB+16GB (standard), 4GB 64GB/32GB+3GB (optional)

 TF card expansion support 128G


Two SIM card slots, support dual SIM card dual standby

Expansion Slots

Two Nano-SIM cards, and one TF card, PSAM card (optional)


5.5-inch IPS high-definition screen, HD resolution 720 * 1440

Touch Screen

Industrial grade capacitive screen, supports wet hand operation/

multi-touch/glove operation


16-megapixel rear camera, 8-megapixel front (optional), 

autofocus support


800mA flash


Total 6 keys, side scan key*2, side power key*1, 

side volume ± key*2, PPT key*1


Li-ion 4.35V power supply, 4600mAh, removable;

Li-ion 4.35V power supply, 4600mAh, removable, NFC support

*Executive standard: GB31241-2014



Built-in MIC noise-cancelling microphone

Charging method

Type-C charging

Tips Mode

High-powered speakers / vibration prompts / LED prompts /

 audio prompts

Vibration motor

Vibration motor


Gravity sensor (G-sensor) / distance sensor / light sensor / 

geomagnetic sensor / gyroscope

Intercom function (optional)

Support one-touch PTT call

Structure parameters





Less than 300g

Communication Transmission


4G Network

Support 4G full network access (Telecom 4G, Mobile 4G, Unicom 4G)


WLAN function

Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n (2.4G+5G dual-band Wi-Fi)



Blue-tooth 4.0



Environmental parameters


Operating temperature


*For safety reasons, please do not charge in low temperature 



Storage temperature

-40℃~70℃ (without battery)


5~95% (no condensation)

Drop specification

1.5m multiple drops

Roller drop specifications


500 times 0.5 meters high roller drop

Electrostatic Protection

±8KV (air discharge), ±4KV (contact discharge)

Scan Engine


Bar Code Support

Support 1D/2D barcode scanning

Bar Code Engine

Domestic(China) 2D scan head/imported HON 2D scan head (optional)

NFC (optional)




Reading distance

Within 2-5CM

Communication protocols

ISO14443A/B, ISO15693, NFC tags

Labeling Standards

M1 cards (S50.S70), CPU cards, NFC tags, etc.

Supported mobile frequency

Eurasian version(2G/3G/4G)

TDD-LTE: B34/B38/B39/B40/B41 
FDD-LTE: B1/B3/B5/B7/B8/B20 
WCDMA: B1/B5/B8 
GSM: B3/B5/B8  
TD-SCDMA: B34/39

Communication Interface


USB interface

Type-C (OTG support)*1

OTG interface


Development Support


Development Languages


Development SDK

Software Development Kit

Development Tools

Eclipse/Android Studio

Equipment Accessories


Standard Accessories

USB data cable*1,hand strap*1

Optional Accessories

Single seat charger, battery quad charger

barcode scanner PDAs

smart pdas

Market Applications



Store Inventory Management

Mobile Cash Register


Inventory Management

Signed delivery

Warehouse Manufacturing

Public Utilities

handle data terminal

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