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Applications of Finger Ring Barcode Scanner Mar 30 , 2022

Applications of Finger Ring Barcode Scanner

With the rapid development of society, many companies are looking for light asset solutions with low labor intensity, fast efficiency improvement and high cost performance. Forexample, a portable finger scanneron scenarios that require high-volume scanning and efficient operations.

Finger ring barcode scanner is also called wireless scanning gun, in the need for mass scanning and efficient operation of the scene on the role of this finger ring scanner is great, such as assembly lines need workers while decoding bar codes while working with both hands, finger ring scanner gun can help, and for example, e-commerce warehouse, both hands can be sorted goods while bar code scanning, very simple and fast.

Wireless barcode scanner recommended to use Y20 wearable ring, this ring can completely free your hands, greatly improve the efficiency of work, it also has the following advantages.

1. Bluetooth + 2.4G + data cable three transmission modes can be freely switched, can be connected to cell phones, tablets, computers.

2. Support multiple system compatibility: Linux, Android, Windows XP, 7, 8, 10, Mac operation system.

3. One-dimensional code, two-dimensional code, cell phonescreenpayment code,flat screen codeeasy and accurate scanning.

4. Portable wear ring, left and right hand can be equipped with, easy to use.

5. Support barcode output editing, support prefix and suffix editing

6. Motion tolerance of 2.2 m/s for accurate and fast decoding

7. Self-storage function, can store 120,000 barcodes

8. Light weight and easy to use, only 44g, plug and play.

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