• Mobile Payments
    Promote the digital and intelligent life of everyone. Mobile Cash Register LONVILL handheld barcode scanner / smart Android PDA + POS mobile printing + QR code application to achieve fast cash register. Vending machine charges Install LONVILL barcode scanning module on the vending machine to realize automatic scanning code payment. Reduce labor costs, time costs, and facilitate life. Automated pro...
  • Healthcare
    The new model of intelligent care, so that the patient's status is "in the hands" Vaccine traceability Use IOT technology to strengthen the management of the whole process of circulation, cold chain distribution as well as the using segment. Using LONVILL handheld terminal scanning technology to record information on vaccine sales, storage, transportation, distribution and use to achieve traceabil...
  • Inventory Management
    Realizing New Intelligence Inventory Management by LONVILL. Product warehousing By using LONVILL handheld barcode scanner terminals, users can perform intelligent checking, counting and data reporting operations for incoming products. Accurate, fast and intelligent inventory operations are completed. Inventory of goods Using barcode technology, barcode labels are installed for each piece of g...
  • Manufacturing
    Let enterprises achieve the intelligent management of material status and production process. Production Management With the help of sensors, readers and scanning technology, real-time data collection is carried out in each key link through handheld terminals, which can grasp the current material batches, production progress and inventory information in time and realize production transparency; th...
  • Warehouse Logistics
    LONVILL helps to create efficient, convenient and fast logistics information management Inventory Management By adopting the LONVILL handheld terminal, we can perform intelligent check, statistics and data reporting for incoming goods, and complete the incoming operation accurately, efficiently and intelligently. Outbound Management Warehouse managing staffreal-timely receive outbound informa...
  • Public Utilities
    The introduction of LONVILL mobile IOT terminals helps you save  labor costs greatly. Large-scale public-event/performance/conference/release/exhibition When entering the exhibition, visitors present their tickets or QR codes, and staff useLONVILL bar code scanner or PDA to verify the QR codes, optionally combined with ID card recognition or face recognition and other personnel information ve...

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