12 Megapixel Fixed Barcode Scanner Jun 27 , 2022

12 Megapixel Fixed Barcode Scanner

The role of barcode technology in the logistics industry is becoming increasingly important, and it is a major change to the way of sales, settlement and ordering. It realizes the informationization and high speed of logistics industry, domestic and foreign are constantly innovating barcode technology and actively promoting the application of barcode technology, now barcode scanning is not only limited to logistics industry, people promote the application in electronic industry, machinery industry, etc. from the own characteristics of barcode technology.

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fixed barcode scanner

Application Areas

Guangzhou Jingxin can give you a suitable solution for any of the following scenarios.

Including automatic sorting, inbound sorting, outbound sorting, pallet scanning, picking and parcel sorting and other automation scenario areas. We have also expanded into various fields of industrial automation such as 3C/electronic semiconductors to realize application scenarios such as positioning guidance/measurement/defect detection/OCR recognition.

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