2D barcode scanners for checkout kiosks Mar 31 , 2022

2D bar code scanners for checkout kiosks

In this era of networked operations, the integrated application of barcode technology in the retail industry has great advantages, which are unmatched by other information technology tools. Especially in the field of self-checkout, some stores, hospitals and other payment scenarios, the QR code module solution is integrated into the self-checkout counter to complete the payment operation without close contact: customers can complete self-service shopping through the QR code recognition module provided by the terminal application, and alsoscan the cell phone payment code at the checkout, which is convenient and fast.

In China, payment products such as Alipay, WeChat QR code payment and UnionPay QR code payment have been widely used in various daily consumption scenarios. Meanwhile, barcodes and QR codes are printed on almost all products in the retail industry. Through the integrated application of barcode technology, customers can easily scan bar codes through barcode identification terminals to obtain product information, including product description, unit price, origin, etc.

At the time of payment, customers only need to choose the payment method (such as Alipay, WeChat, etc.) and place the generated QR code against the scanning window of the self-service payment terminal to pay.

This scanning process is basically done by the 2D barcode scanning module. The staff can set the barcode scanning module to induction mode, when there is a barcode close, the barcode module will automatically scan, and when there is no barcode close, the scanning module will immediately enter the hibernation mode.

When a product barcode or cell phone QR code passes by, the barcode module sensor will automatically detect and immediately wake up the LED to read the barcode, and then send a "drop" to read the successful feedback. Nowadays, due to the obvious business advantages of the scanning module, which can create business value for people and save labor costs, the QR code scanning function of self-checkout terminals in the retail industry has been gradually improved. Self-service payment terminals have also achieved greater success.

2d barcode scanner

LONVILL will briefly introduce a V20 2d code scanner module This scanning module is ideal for embedding into self-checkout terminal applications. Adopting CMOS imaging technology and international advanced intelligent image recognition technology, it can quickly identify all kinds of 1D and 2D codes, including paper product packaging barcode, cell phone 2D code (payment code), etc.

Product Features:

1.Scanning window has a large view sensor, can meet the multi-angle reading, its large view sensor: meet the horizontal 102 °, vertical 86 ° angle reading, adapt to more self-service scanning equipment.

2.Good light-sensitive performance, the basic version has 4 fill light, enhanced version has 8 particles fill light, not afraid of strong light and dark

3.Integrated driver, i.e. scan and read, no software installation, plug and play.

4.Ultra-thin body design, four screws can be fixed, high integration performance, mainly used in self-service terminals, movie ticket machines, medical self-scanning equipment, etc.

5.Fast and accurate barcode reading, rich variety of barcodes can be read

6.Wide range of reading depth of field, high reading motion tolerance, sensitive scanning

7.Support cell phone screen barcode reading

8.With multiple communication interfaces, supporting USB, TTL, RS232 and other communication methods

9.Has the decoding prompt function, has the green light promptforscanning success

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