3 minutes to understand what is barcode scanning module Mar 23 , 2022

3 minutes to understand what is barcode scanning module

Classification of barcode modules:

functional classification: 1D scanner module (laser scanning module), 2D scanner module, CCD scanning module.

They are distinguished by:

1D scanning module scans only 1D barcodes, paper barcodes.

The QR code scanner module can scan 1D barcode, 2D code, cell phone screen barcode, and cell phone screen 2D code.

CCD scanner module can scan 1D barcode, paper barcode, cell phone barcode

From appearance, can be divided into:Embedded scanner module, fixed scanner module, bare barcode module, etc.

Scan module is mainly installed in all kinds of equipment, such as body temperature monitoring all-in-one machine, self-service vending machines, self-checkout, access control card, etc. Different application scenarios have different requirements for the appearance of the scan module, which needs to bein line with the installation of the machine, saving as many installation steps as possible,It is best to use two screws to complete the in-line installation, the scan module line plugged into your host can work (play and plug), so that the most convenient and most trouble-free.

Distinguish by the type of barcode scanned:

Scan 1D barcode, 2D barcode, metal barcode, reflective barcode, color barcode, passport barcode, etc.

If you need to know what barcode the module can scan, you can consult the manufacturer of the scanning module, if you need to buy the module from our company, please contact us for more information.

The following picture shows one of our outdoor scanner modules, please refer to:

barcode scanner module

barcode reader

Many self-service terminals are placed in outdoor use, such as self-service vending machines, parking lot payment machines, garbage sorting equipment, face temperature scanning machine, bus gates, scenic gates, etc. Many of these devices need to scan the code will encounter in the sun to see clearly,or rainy days, easy to moisture and other problems, resulting in thebar code can not bescanned, can not pay, can not release theproblem.

However, the above LONVILL-Y80 scanning module does not have this problem, it has a comprehensive waterproof features, that is, a short period of full body immersion in water can still be smoothly decode the code, a variety of interfaces to choose from:USB, RS232, RS485, TTL, Wiegand.

If you need outdoor equipment module, welcome to contact us.

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