Application of industrial fixed barcode scanner Apr 11 , 2022

Application of industrial fixed barcode scanner

Today, various 1D barcodes, 2D barcodes and Matrix Code have become popular and used. Combined with the use of barcode scanning, automated product production has become an inevitable choice for most companies. Whether in the product manufacturing process or in the product traceability process, barcodes and 2D codes are an essential part, and barcode decoders and 2D code scanning modules have become indispensable hardware components.

industrial fixed barcode scanner

Whether in the high-speed production of various types of beverages, food automation line, or in the production of medical products production line, or in the logistics express self-service picking line can be seen in the fixed scanning module figure.

The most used equipment on the industrial assembly line is the industrial code reader, the enterprise production line, conveyor belt / conveyor belt barcode scanning and automatic identification. For many large factories or enterprises, it can serve in various links with high quality and stable performance, saving costs and reducing the error rate for enterprises, such as production lines, packaging lines and product warehousing, the use of fixed scanners can be completed in the high-speed operation of the production line to repeat the bar code, residual bar code missing code or less code judgment, quickly find the quality of substandard products. We know that all industries involved in product identification and traceability links are inseparable from the fixed scanner, such as the aviation field, automotive industry, food and medical, steel industry, machinery industry, etc., of course, if used in the product life cycle is short, no traceability, the use of paper identification, usually use the general performance of the industrial code reader can be.

fixed mount barcode scanner

Manufacturing companies began to start industrial automation projects, mainly intelligent factories, intelligent production and intelligent logistics, the three main themes, the promotion of these intelligent themes, there is no doubt that a kind of code scanning equipment will be used industrial fixed barcode reader, industrial code reader in ensuring the accuracy and efficiency of the product manufacturing process, in production management to achieve rapid retrieval and traceability. And as an industrial-grade scanning module he must be specific about the following characteristics: high precision scanning capability for all types of barcode 2D code, high motion tolerance, fast flow scanning speed, high recognition of all types of laser engraving code, laser spray code, PCB board printing code, 3 * 3mm 2D code, spray code, all types of metal code, high density barcode, dustproof, drop-proof and other characteristics.

industrial fixed barcode reader

The industrial fixed scanner is installed in a fixed position and belongs to fixed industrial grade fixed scanner with high industrial protection level and motion tolerance, which can adapt to the harsh working environment. It needs to transmit the scanned barcode information to the corresponding equipment or system through USB, RS232, cable, Wegen and other transmission interfaces, mainly used for conveyor belts, high-speed production line barcode scanning, product testing packaging lines, logistics express sorting and traceability of product barcodes and other applications, can bring efficient operation for industrial assembly lines in the electronics, auto parts, metal manufacturing industries, automatic information collection, belongs to automation products, can bring great benefits.

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