Applications of barcode scanning equipment Sep 16 , 2022
Applications of barcode scanning equipment

First. Handheld devices (Omnidirectional barcode scanning, Handheld barcode scanning,Ring barcode reader,PDA, etc.)

1. Combined with pos machines in the shopping mall, for network payment, WeChat Alipay scanning

2.  Flat PC, warehouse goods management, retail goods

3. Warehousing centres, logistics and express warehouses commonly used

handheld BT barcode scanner

Second, the channel gate machine

Station, Access gates for buildings, embedded QR code scanning module, you can read the QR code over the access control check gates, you can scan the QR code check tickets, improve efficiency

Third, individual, self-service terminals, embedded code scanning module

Self-service vending, retail terminals, automatic top-up, bill payment embedded QR code scanning module, for scanning code payment

Fourth. Intelligent cabinets (logistics, cargo cabinets, etc.)

Embed QR code scanner module, used to decode the code for loading and picking up pieces

Five, O2O terminal

O2O terminal, embedded QR code scanning module, electronic membership, invoicing, etc.

Sixth, document management

Passport, ID card, driving licence, membership card, identification card and other documents registration and automatic input, improve management effect

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