Are you ready to bring the most powerful and reliable fixed scanner solution to your warehouse? Jul 14 , 2022

The emergence of intelligent barcode reading has effectively solved the problems of traditional logistics industry with single means, high error rate of code reading and rising labor cost.

In today's supply chain, inventory products are always changing, how to instantly update inventory product records has become a major challenge, LONVILL's fixed industrial scanner solution can give you operational peace of mind, ensuring high correctness and readability of reading labels, ready for outbound shipping. With LONVILL fixed industrial scanning, you can maximize your team's performance, realize your full operational potential and meet the needs of more customers.

LONVILL Fixed Industrial Scanning Equipment

Automatically track and identify every item and package with the use of LONVILL intelligent fixed industrial scanners.

Solve complex imaging requirements with a variety of features and complete control over data acquisition capabilities, allowing you to simply get the right depth of field, reading distance and illumination to easily decode the most difficult to read bar codes.

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fixed mount barcode scanner

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