Auto parts barcode information management solution May 06 , 2022

Automotive Parts barcode information management solution

Auto parts barcode management solution, using advanced automatic identification technology to achieve effective information management, realize the whole life cycle of a single part traceability, help enterprises to implement quality accountability, greatly improve operational efficiency, and provide safety assurance for car enterprises and consumers.

auto parts barcode reader

The barcode traceability application system helps auto parts enterprises realize informational, intelligence, paperless, rapid response and traceable management. Taking small package as a unit, it completes the traceability of finished products to raw materials of each process, and connects with equipment to complete the traceability of processes, products and equipment and real-time monitoring of product traceability.

Data matrix is a kind of two-dimensional code, abbreviated as (DM code) is a matrix two-dimensional code, he has the characteristics of high density, small size and large amount of information, Widely used in anti-counterfeiting of goods, small parts marking, circuit board parts, IC anti-counterfeiting, all kinds of metal products marking, co-ordinated marking, etc. In the production and manufacturing of a large number of DM code, such as automotive parts are commonly used DM code engraved on metal parts. For this kind of code system LONVILL IOT production A65 and A140 can scan this kind of 2D code very well.

auto parts barcode scanner

LONVIL A65 industrial fixed barcode scanner,A140 industrial handheld barcode reader,A30-DP industrial fixed mount barcode scan can read DPM code, laser engraving code, laser spray code, PCB board printing code, 3 * 3mm 2D code, 1D code, cell phone screen code, stained paste coated code, all kinds of small bar codes, laminated reflective code, frozen packaging code, WeChat Alipay payment code, etc.

LONVILLA65 and A30-DP industrial fixed barcode reader can also be installed on production lines to facilitate automatic assembly lines and sorting lines to scan codes.

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