Barcode Scanner Solutions for Businesses Dec 12 , 2022

What is a barcode scanner and what are the benefits for your business?

A barcode scanner is a device that scans or reads barcodes. Before the information contained in a barcode can be used, it must be decoded by the software within the barcode scanner. This turns the alternating black and white bars of a linear barcode or the dots in a 2D code into a string of letters and/or numbers that can then be used to look up prices, inventory, websites or other information. This is a huge advantage as it greatly increases the efficiency of your small business or enterprise company as it eliminates human error caused by manual data entry and saves a lot of time.

How do I choose a barcode scanner for my business?

Since enterprise barcode scanners are widely used and come in a variety of product forms and functions, your options are many. You may need to choose the best solution for you based on the analysis of the information obtained. Some of the aspects to consider are: work environment, application scenario, type of barcode, and form factor.

Multiple shapes, sizes and uses

LONVILL barcode scanners come in a variety of shapes and sizes for you to choose from, from handheld barcode scanning to embedded scanners, from inline scanning to barcode scanning modules, from commercial barcode scanning to industrial barcode scanning, depending on your application.

Handheld barcode scanners. Mostly used at the counter at the point of sale

Wired barcode scanner, plug-and-play, no driver required, for various systems: Windows, Mac OS, Linux,etc.

Wireless barcode scanners. Handheld wireless barcode scanner when more staff flexibility is needed, no hassle of tangled data cables.

type-c handheld barcoode scanner

For warehouse inventory, etc.

For inventory in logistics and retail environments, with optional wearable barcode scanning that is lightweight and comfortable for operators to quickly record.

For access control

Recommend Y80,M0103 fixed barcode scanning module, can be embedded, Y80 can be used in outdoor, M0103 scanning performance is excellent, please contact us for more information

OEM or fixed mount barcode scanners. For applications that require embedded scanners, such as self-checkout, parking machines, labs, industrial, etc.

Mobile PC Barcode Scanner. For inventory solutions using Android or proprietary systems

outdoor fixed barcode scanner

Barcode Scanner Features

An enterprise barcode scanner can use several different types of scanning technology to scan barcodes

Laser barcode scanners consist of a small semiconductor laser and use a moving mirror to create the laser lines. The reflected data is then decoded into useful data. Laser barcode scanners are suitable for almost any application, can read high resolution barcodes, are fast, have a long range, and are very affordable. If you need to scan 1D barcode scanning, welcome to contact us.

A CCD barcode scanner is a camera with only one row of pixels. This technology is very robust because there are no moving parts and it is less costly. It is also less integrated. CCD barcode scanners can only read barcodes from shorter distances.

2D imaging barcode scanners work much like a camera, taking a picture of the barcode and then using software to collect the barcode/QR data from the image. 2D imagers are very powerful and omnidirectional. Compared to 1D codes, 2D codes contain more data. It can scan virtually every barcode symbology from almost any surface (including moving screens). Even with severely damaged barcodes, 2D imaging barcode scanners make it easy to decode them quickly.

The Right Barcode Scanner for Every Business

LONVILL has a scanning solution for every type of business. From small businesses to large enterprises, also for different industries, such as the medical industry, industrial companies, etc. Please contact us for more information. our

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