Difference Between a Barcode Scanner and Barcode Verifier Nov 25 , 2022

How to distinguish between barcode scanner and barcode verifier?

At LONVILL, one of the most common questions we are asked is, what is the difference between a barcode scanner and a barcode verifier ? The answer is that there is a big difference, and they both have their uses.

What is a barcode scanner?

A barcode scanner, also known as a barcode scanner, can scan 1D and 2D codes and is used as an input device to translate the codes. In simple terms, a barcode scanner is used to read barcodes and translate the codes inside the barcode. A barcode scanner is more suitable as a tool for conveying information and cannot be used to check whether the information inside the barcode is correct, such as checking whether the code is correct or in the right format.

1d handheld laser barcode scanner

What is a barcode verifier?

A barcode verifier is used is to measure the readability of a symbol, a barcode verifier is more of an information verification tool that will analyze the barcode according to industry grading standards to ensure that the barcode can be read by any barcode scanning device. In addition to reading barcodes, barcode verifiers ensure that barcodes are printed correctly and in accordance with industry standards, not individual manufacturer quality thresholds.

barcode scanner

Analysis against industry standard parameters

The barcode verifier produces more data when scanning barcodes than the barcode scanning reader. The barcode reader displays primarily the data within the code, while the barcode verifier indicates whether the barcode meets industry standards according to international standards, and if the barcode fails, the barcode verifier indicates why the barcode cannot be scanned.

To sum up, barcode scanning reader and barcode verifier are two completely different items with different functions.

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