Fixed Barcode Scanner DPM Code Scanning Module for Smart Manufacturing Jan 20 , 2022

Fixed Barcode Scanner DPM Code Scanning Module for Smart Manufacturing

1D barcode, 2D code as an advanced and mature automatic identification technology is widely used in the production process of various intelligent manufacturing enterprises, such as: production planning, raw material control, processing process, finished products, quality control and traceability, etc.. Manufacturing due to the complexity of the production process, the different requirements of the workstation, the different barcode printing requirements of the barcode scanner is very high, to name a few.

1、Small barcode size and high density, often using 2D codes, which will be 3*3mm in size.

2、Coding process mostly laser engraving, etching, spraying code.

3、Materials mostly: PCB, metal bearings, industrial labels, etc..

4、Multiple communication modes, such as USB, RS232, TTL, Bluetooth, 2.4G, etc..

5、Operated by workers, not professionals.

The above features require our barcode scanners to have the following qualities: high scanning accuracy, full range of scanning codes, fast scanning speed, simple installation, easy operation, and various interfaces.

Below we present 1 DPM barcode scanners and scanning modules that meet the above requirements.

A65 adopts 1280*CMOS800, which can well sense all kinds of metal codes, bar codes on the move, all kinds of traceability spray codes, in terms of algorithm,lonvill specially made industrial decoding algorithm for all kinds of industrial applications, which has good decoding performance for laser engraving, dotting and other code systems. In the appearance of thealuminum alloy package design, can better shock and fall, scanning code he can scan all kinds of surgical instruments DPM code, laser engraving code, laser spray code, laser engraved code, PCB board printing code, dot matrix code, DPM code, 3 * 3mm two-dimensional code, all kinds of small bar codes, laminated reflective code, etc..

DPM barcode scanner

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