Fixed industrial barcode reader for decoding fast moving barcodes May 19 , 2022

A6500 Fixed industrial barcode reader for decoding fast moving barcodes

With the continuous development of the Internet of Things, more intelligent devices are cited on the assembly line, such as industrial fixed code readers. Fixed barcode reader is more common in some industry scenarios,such as electronic parts identification, logistics and warehousing, etc.,need to read code onitemsin batch. The traditional work mode is manually to scan the bar code on the label,so not only low efficiency, and high labor costs, many factories now use industrial automation barcode reader,cans can all aspects of these goods,easily solve the problem of low work efficiency,high labor costs.

Stationary bar code scanners can be used to automate 1D and 2D scanning applications in multiple plants. Read multiple codes or a mix of codes (1D and 2D ) at the same time and also scan barcodes of inconsistent size, distance and position on the conveyor belt. Some common barcode reading applications include: reading 1D codes on products with code readers; reading fast-moving 1D codes, including 1D codes on ultra-fast production lines. Industrial code readers can also read 2D codes: they can read part identification codes on any surface (glass, metal, ceramic, plastic); read 2D codes in motion or printed on labels.Due to the different nature of labels, some bar codes may be broken. And general scanners cannot read them.

barcode scanner for conveyor belt

Fixed scanners are now applied to decode broken, reflective or poorly marked QR codes. All can be read and scanned with ease. In addition, fixed2Dscanners can also provide Ethernet connectivity to perform real-time tracking, image download, data transfer and factory integration.

And LONVILL fixed industrial barcode reader A6500 is a high performance IP67 barcode scanner, this industrial barcode scanner is equipped with CMOS camera with global exposure method and 1280×1024 pixels(2368×1760optional); it supports simultaneous multiple barcode reading and can read rich barcode types; the development method is easy and fast,supporting Ethernet, digital I/O, serial port. It supports TCP, Serial, FTP, Profinet and other transmission protocols, and also supports picture and barcode information output. This industrial intelligent camera realizes the unified integration of intelligent code reader (industrial lens), vision controller, algorithm platform, facet type light source and related accessories. This industrial camera is widely used in the field of 1D and 2D code information recognition in logistics industry, which can read multiple codes or mixed codes (1D and 2D) at the same time, including automatic sorting, inbound sorting, outbound sorting, pallet scanning, picking and parcel automation scenario areas such as sorting. It can also read parts identification codes on various surfaces (glass, metal, ceramic, plastic).

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