Food Distribution Efficiency Has Arrived With Smart Personal Handheld Data Terminals Dec 17 , 2021

Food Distribution Efficiency has Arrived With Smart Personal Handheld Data Terminals

The food market is big business. Revenue alone amounts to US $8,945,345 million and the market is expected to grow annually by 4.50%.

With Christmas 2021 just around the corner, the food market is showing even better prospects. But with the possibility of supply chain issues leading to product shortages, delivery delays, delivery errors, or lost orders, it is a major challenge to increase efficiency and cut operating costs during this period.And influenced by the impact of the pandemic, food and beverage producers, wholesalers and distributors across the globe are suffering with supply and distribution hitches.Never has it been more imperative for food and foodservice distributors to fully account for and quickly unload products between transporting them from location A to location B, with no errors in between.

In this blog, we explore the value of LONVILL data collection technology on ruggedized, smart devices, including streamlining dispatcher operations, supporting more efficient wholesale grocery, food service and beverage delivery, and minimizing disruption to customers.

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One multi-functional data capture does it all

Many food distributors and supply chain managers are using powerful mobile computers (PDAs) for distribution operations.

Using a data collector allows delivery people to do more with one device. This data collector is similar to a smartphone and not only scans barcodes, but also has functions such as making phone calls.

In addition to being used for communication or routing, drivers can use their data collectors to scan food and beverages being unloaded. When they arrive at their destination, they can easily identify the delivery, scanning all items to verify the delivery.

Drivers can complete their jobs with fast and accurate scanning by LONVILL data collectors, so that the right goods get to the right customers faster.

Rugged equipment is a necessity - but intelligence is also important

Food and foodservice distributors, can provide their delivery drivers with rugged data collectors to help them work faster. Whether drivers are unloading from frozen, refrigerated or ambient vehicles, our LONVILL data collectors can operate.

Our data collectors can withstand harsh operating conditions. In a typical delivery environment, if dropped or bumped, our mobile computers are protected from dust and dirt and can tolerate use in extreme temperatures. They prevent early equipment failure and reduce replacement or repair costs.

Our data collectors, which can also be used at night, can quicklyreader broken barcodes, low-contrast barcodes, etc., making it less difficult for shipping personnel to operate.

Contact us to discuss how LONVILL mobile computerPDAs)  could help you improve productivity at less cost through high-performance scanning.

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