Frequently asked questions about barcode scanning equipment Sep 28 , 2022

A collection of common knowledge about barcode scanning equipment

1. How to use the barcode reader for scanning?

First of all, check the power supply of the barcode gun: external power supply or PC host power supply. If it is powered by the PC host, then check the interface of the barcode gun, such as USB port, keyboard port, serial port, etc. If it is USB port, you can plug it into the host directly, if it is RS-232 port or serial port, you need to turn off the host, then connect the connection line of the barcode gun, and then turn on the PC. Then read the manual of the barcode gun and set up by scanning the barcode on the user manual, after the setting is completed, you can scan and upload the data to the computer.

2. What is depth of field?

Depth of field refers to the distance between the nearest point and the farthest point of the barcode that the barcode gun can scan.

3. What is the difference between the RS-232 port and the keyboard port?

The main difference between the common interfaces is that they send data to the terminal in different ways. The keyboard port is the device that connects the keyboard to the terminal. When using the keyboard port, the barcode symbol is considered by the terminal as data sent by the keyboard, and at the same time, the keyboard port of the terminal can continue to function. RS-232 is used to connect the serial port of the host or terminal to send serial data to the computer, because a certain protocol is required to carry out serial communication, therefore, the device using RS-232 must specify the baud rate (data (data transfer rate), data bits and parity bits.

4. How do I know the code system of the scanned barcode?

You can refer to the user manual of the barcode gun, in the parameter part of the barcode output or add the prefix part, this function will add a prefix character before the barcode character, the character means the type of barcode read, you can confirm it by looking up the table in the user manual, for example: "b" stands for 39 code, " c" for UPC code, etc. It depends on whether the scanner provides this support or not.

5. How do I upgrade my barcode reader's decoding software?

Contact the corresponding manufacturer to find the upgrade procedure or send it back to the manufacturer for upgrade.

6. What is the maximum length of the connection cable of the barcode scanner?

The maximum RS-232 length standard set by the Federation of Electronics Industries is 15m. Typical RS-232 cable lengths for HHP barcode readers are 2.75m and 4.7m; cable lengths for optical pen emulation are 2.1m or 4.5m; HHLC cable lengths are 2.1, 4.5 or 6.7m; OCIA cable lengths are determined by the type of terminal and can be customised from the factory. The length of the keypad cable is usually 2.7 m. The 4.7 m keypad cable requires an external power supply.

7. Why does the battery placed in the wireless scanner gun run out of power after one night?

The battery in the wireless scanner supports both the decoding circuit and the RF main board. When the reader is not working, its decoding circuit partly stops working, but the RF main board is still in constant contact with the associated base station within communication distance, even if the base station has been switched off, it is still constantly looking for it. The rechargeable battery can last up to 12 hours without the reader being used, so during this time at night, the battery should be charged to ensure adequate support for the next day's work.

8. There are several reasons why the barcode scanner cannot read the barcode:

1) The function of reading this barcode is not turned on. (There are many barcode rules, the general barcode gun can only recognize several common barcodes unless specifically requested).

2) The barcode does not conform to the specification, for example, the lack of the necessary blank area, the contrast between the bar and the blank is too low, the width ratio between the bar and the blank is not appropriate.

3) Direct sunlight, the photographic sensor enters the saturation zone.

4)The barcode surface is compounded with transparent material, the reflectivity is too high, although the eye can see the barcode, but the collector reads the strict conditions and cannot read it.

5)The connection line is loose, there is no power supply, so it cannot be scanned.

6) Hardware failure, contact us or your dealer for repair.

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