How efficient is it to manage a warehouse with pda barcode scanning? Jan 19 , 2022

How efficient is it to manage a warehouse with pda barcode scanning?

With the rapid development of e-commerce business, e-commerce warehouse shipments, SKU, different product storage requirements, different packaging requirements, the diversity of consumer demand characteristics have become more and more significant, and the ensuing warehouse management problems are becoming more and more complex. Traditional warehouse using manual records of sales and inventory methods, not only inefficient, time-consuming and labor-intensive, but also prone to errors and omissions, while there are also easy to lose data, data difficult to trace and other problems. How to use newer technology to improve warehouse management, so that the efficient operation of warehouse management to keep pace with the rapid growth of orders, become a problem that every e-commerce business needs to solve urgently.

Handheld pda warehouse inventory with information collection, upload and query functions, can realize warehouse management material management, inventory management, warehousing shelves, receiving and other aspects of digital information technology, improve the efficiency of each link to solve the warehouse data can not be shared in real time, improper use of resources or waste of resources, the work processing cycle is too long and other problems, to meet the efficient management needs of e-commerce enterprises.

Handheld pda warehouse inventory instructions

Common application scenarios for handheld pda warehouse inventory are as follows:

Sweep code receiving: using handheld pda warehouse inventory, you can read all kinds of products and batch information at high speed for warehousing, binding product and container information to ensure the visualization of all goods in the warehouse, improve

warehouse utilization, and avoid backlog and loss.

Reverse logistics: when the return order reaches a certain amount, how to quickly handle and shelf secondary sales is a warehouse management needs to be concerned about the use of handheld pda warehouse inventory can realize the rapid return of returned goods into the warehouse. On the shelf, you only need to scan the barcode of goods to see the current storage position or picking position of goods, can be directly on the shelves, convenient and accurate.

Cross-docking and transportation: With the help of handheld pda warehouse inventory, staff can be informed of the information of each material at any time and anywhere, and verify that the goods are assembled correctly by comparing the bill of lading at any time.

Into the shelves: goods on the shelves, you need to ensure that the goods are placed in the right place, in order to carry out subsequent effective picking and inventory analysis. Handheld pda warehouse inventory, can help staff to accept the task, the goods, pallets, etc. binding, and shelves to the designated location, while automatically uploading information to the database system, no manual secondary computer input, significantly improve operational efficiency.

Goods inventory: In the inventory link, after scanning the storage position using handheld pda warehouse inventory, it will automatically display the name and quantity of goods, and then scan the barcode to confirm whether the goods are still in that storage position.

Cold chain management: The operating environment of cold chain enterprises is very harsh, and low temperature and condensation are major obstacles to smooth work. The use of cold chain special handheld pda warehouse inventory can operate continuously and steadily in a low temperature environment below -30 degrees, and at the same time can fight against condensation, fearless of the challenges of extremely cold environment.

Code picking: Staff can receive picking tasks through the handheld pda warehouse inventory, while planning the best route through the device's navigation function in order to quickly find the warehouse location. After finding the warehouse location, the barcode of the location is scanned for information verification and thepicking iscompleted quickly and accurately.

Cargo search: staff enter the cargo number in the handheld pda warehouse inventory, the storage location and barcode number of the cargo can be automatically popped up.

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