How much do you know about barcode scanning engine? Nov 17 , 2022
How much do you know about barcode scanning engine?

First. Introduction of scanning engine( scanner module)

Bar code scanning engine is also called barcode scanning module.With the maturity and perfection of automatic identification technology, prompting the emergence of bar code engine and other products, LONVILL independent bar code module is widely used, the reputation is quite good.


Then what is the barcode engine / module?

Barcode engine / module is the most critical component in the field of automatic identification, while the common market PDA (data collector), barcode scanning gun and other products related to barcode identification contain this key component. The barcode engine/module is a complete component that can read and decode without the help of other devices, and can also be loaded with customized programs to complete a complete barcode scanning solution. In layman's terms, the barcode engine/module is the head of the automatic identification field, through which the external information can be sensed and processed, and then the whole can be mobilized for other related activities.

The biggest advantage of the barcode engine/module is its extremely small size, which contributes to its high level of integration. It can be easily embedded into other products, such as scanning guns, PDAs, industrial flat panels, self-service terminals, queuing and numbering equipment, logistics cabinets and OEM identification terminals in various industries such as gates.

Second. the working principle of scanning engine/module

When the barcode is close to the front of the engine/module, the lens captures the barcode information, and after internal decoding and analysis, it is uploaded to the upper computer through data transmission (TTL232, USB, RS232), and the barcode information is displayed on the upper computer, so that we can interpret the information contained in this barcode.

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Three. the classification of barcode scanning engine / module

According to the type of barcode recognition, it can be divided into 1D barcode scanning module and 2D barcode scanning module; according to the sensor, it can be divided into laser scanning module, red light CCD scanning module and image CMOS scanning module; according to the embedding type, it can be divided into embedded scanning module and fixed scanning module.

Fourth. the function of the scanning module and its use

Due to its small size, the barcode scanning module can be easily embedded into other OEM products, and then the whole set of equipment can provide a complete barcode scanning solution. Generally speaking, the scanning module has automatic sensing function, when the barcode is close to its sensing area, the barcode identification module will trigger the scanning function to read the barcode. The barcode scanning module makes the OEM identification equipment more efficient, flexible to work and provide accurate data processing.

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