How to apply the QR code scanning module to the mobile payment system of public transportation? Aug 31 , 2022

What is mobile ticketing for public transportation?

With online mobile ticketing, passengers can use their cell phones or any other connected device to purchase and display mobile tickets. Passengers can scan the QR code on the digitalized transportation card to pay for tickets and other fees and freely enter and exit the gates of various tourist attractions or free to take public transport. The digitization of the transportation card ensures smooth and effortless ticket and card purchases. This means that travelers can access the gates quickly and easily, while reducing costs for operators.
The digitization of public transportation tickets is a key trend in payments today, with mobile ticketing transactions set to double in 2019, according to a new report from Juniper Research.


How to apply the QR code scanning module to the mobile payment system of public transportation?

Through in-depth understanding, LONVILL's bus scanning code ride solution, incorporating 2D code identification technology and mobile Internet and other technical means, in terms of hardware, we use bus 2D code scanning card equipment, embedded V20 series 2D code scanning reader, this product can be customized NFC reading function, so if this barcode scanning module is installed into the bus payment equipment or inside the gate. Then they can scan electronic tickets and bus cards at the same time, which is very convenient and practical.


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