How to buy barcode scanners for production lines Oct 24 , 2022

How to buy barcode scanners for production lines

Recently, many customers are inquiring about barcode scanning and automatic identification solutions for production lines and conveyor belts above, generally more industrial grade fixed barcode scanners are used on production lines. When we buy barcode scanner, must be based on the actual application of their own industry environment to consider, to see which barcode scanner performance can better meet your needs. lonvill barcode two-dimensional code equipment based on years of actual customer experience, summed up the production line on the barcode scanner requirements of several points, for your new and old customers reference. The following factors need to be considered when selecting barcode scanners for production lines.

fixed barcode scanner for product line

1. barcode type and barcode width, such as barcode code system, bit number, density size

2. The direction and position of the barcode paste, parallel or perpendicular to the scanning light?

3. The speed of the assembly line

4. Scanning distance, the distance between the barcode and the scanner

5. The vibration of the conveyor belt

6. The installation of the bracket, whether the bracket needs to be adjustable

7. What interface is needed? Whether it is necessary to form a network to access the same server or PLC

8. The interface with the background application system

fixed 2d barcode scanner

After considering the above factors, choose the fixed barcode scanner that meets your budget. LONVILL barcode two-dimensional code equipment most of the customers use more barcode equipment is LONVILL A65 fixed code reader series, MV-ID series fixed code reader, LONVILL fixed industrial code reader volume has a large and small, you can choose different types of products installed, easy to adapt to the environment.The modularity of the optical system, with optimized focus on the scanning function, allows easy scanning of bar codes on almost all carriers, especially the very small and dense 2D bar codes commonly found in manufacturing.

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