How to choose a medical bar code scanner? Sep 26 , 2022

How to choose a medical bar code scanner?

The barcode scanning equipment (barcode scanner) has the advantages of simple operation, fast information collection, large amount of collected information, high reliability, simple equipment structure and low cost. Barcodes and 2D codes are not only product identification codes, but more importantly, electronic data exchange of information. Through electronic information exchange systems, we can obtain the required information in a timely and accurate manner and improve production and operational efficiency.

The maturity of barcode technology allows us to be applied on a large scale in the pharmaceutical manufacturing process, making full use of the characteristics of simple operation and high accuracy of barcode equipment to solve the problem of managing and collecting massive data in the production management system.

And medical code scanning is a kind of fast data collection and entry intelligent terminal, it puts the registration, payment, diagnosis, surgery, infusion, laboratory, pharmacy and other aspects of the workflow through a two-dimensional code control, to achieve intelligent operation and management, medical scanning gun has become an indispensable data entry tool for medical staff.

So from which dimensions can you choose a medical barcode scanner?

1. The error rate of barcode scanning

The false code rate of the barcode scanner is equal to the ratio of the number of false recognition to the total number of recognition, which is an important index to judge the sensitivity and accuracy of the barcode scanner.

2.The material of medical barcode scanning

Medical barcode scanning equipment shell material needs to meet the standard anti-bacterial, so that it is suitable for medical environment operation use.

3. Choose a high quality and cost effective barcode scanner gun

There are many people feel that laser scan guns are more expensive and more technologically advanced, but the design is not necessarily to use a laser scan gun when in use. Red light scanning gun is also a good choice, especially for low contrast barcodes and barcode quality is not very good, or barcode surface coating, red light is more suitable than laser.

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