How to embed a cost-effective, high-quality scanning module for your handheld mobile computer (PDAs) ? Mar 11 , 2022

How to embed a cost-effective, high-quality scanning module for your handheld mobile computer (PDAs) ?

Currently, there is a growing demand for PDA barcode scanners, with North America and Europe being the largest demand markets for PDA barcode scanners, however, there will be a growing demand for mobile data collectors in India and China as the disposable income of the urban population grows.Emerging economies such as India and China are also expected to be highly profitable markets for PDA barcode scanning products globally.

Global PDA barcode scanning market segmentation:

Market Segmentation: By Type

Android System, Windows System

Market Segmentation: By Application

Retail and Wholesale, Logistics and Warehousing, Industrial Manufacturing, Healthcare, Others.

Using PDAs different application scenarios , the quality requirements of handheld data ternimal are different.Different performance, functions and quality of scan engines are required.For example:

PDA applied to retail and wholesale, the scanning capability of reading paper barcodes, screen barcode decoding performance requirements are higher; applicable to the environment of the warehouse PDA, some goods in the high shelves, so the scanning engine is required to have the ability to scan long distances barcode, even in a poor light environment can be smoothly scanned barcodes, etc. Some scanning engines are required to need red, white, blue light can be freely switched, etc. The importance of the scanning engine to a PDA can not be overstated.

All manufacturers who produce and manufacture PDAs carefully select their scan module suppliers, and they need cost-effective, high-quality, high-quality scan modules.

Guangzhou Jingxin Technology Co., Ltd, as a professional R & D, manufacturing and sales of scanner modules for more than 20 years, is a quality partner for handheld data collector Manufacturer, our main products include handheld scanner (OCR barcode scanner, DPM scanner, 1D 2D scanner) fixed industrial scanners, scanning modules, PDAs and so on.

Product recommendation:

barcode scanner module for pda

LONVILL Q1 barcode scanner for PDAs


1.Compact and lightweight design barcode scanner module

The seamless integration of the camera and decoder board makes the scan engine extremely small and lightweight, easy to install in miniature devices, such as Bluetooth pocket barcode reader,PDA,Finger barcode scanner,tablet barcode reader.

2.Support Decoding Long Barcode

The engine is especially good at decoding long barcodes at close range, and can easily decode all kinds of long barcodes.

3. The barcode scanner engine is Compact and lightweight ,and has 2 transmission method:USB and TTL-232,and Support second development.

4. High technology, Equiped with 640*480 CMOS image sensor , read 1D 2D QR codes on screen and paper ; Scans fast and accurate,the scan engine can quickly and The scan engine can quickly and effortlessly decode poor quality bar codes (e.g., low contrast, twisted, laminated, damaged, torn or creased bar codes).

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