How to get a high quality and cost effective Bluetooth barcode scanner? Oct 11 , 2022

Firstly we need to understand what a Bluetooth barcode scanner is.

A Bluetooth scanner is a barcode reader that adds Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth, a radio technology that supports devices to communicate over short distances (typically within 10m). Enables wireless information exchange between mobile phones, PDAs, wireless headsets, laptops and many other xia devices. Together with Bluetooth technology, this makes it easier to save and transmit data from barcode scanners. Bluetooth barcode scanners have greater portability and compactness than barcode scanners with common interfaces.

bluebooth barcode scanner

However, one limitation of Bluetooth barcode scanning is that it needs to be charged frequently, so the size of the battery capacity is also one of the indicators of the performance of Bluetooth barcode readers.

wireless handheld barcode scanner

How to find a quality Bluetooth barcode scanner supplier?

LONVILL (Guangzhou Jingxin Technology Co., Ltd.) is a manufacturer, seller and supplier of barcode scanning products. We have been in the Internet of Things industry for over 20 years and recommend the LONVILL High Performance Bluetooth Barcode Scanner C20+:

handheld bluetooth barcode reader

AI Intelligent Voice Bluetooth 2D barcode scanner, using international advanced image transmission technology, with two-way communication instant error correction feedback, to complete a variety of commonly used 1D code and 2D code reading. OLED highlight display real-time display device status, equipped with auxiliary lighting, can be used in different lighting environments, can also be used at night, high applicability.  360° any direction to read barcodes, reading faster, reading more efficient. More efficient operation.

Support the reading of paper barcode, LCD monitor barcode, cell phone screen barcode and reverse color barcode; support the reading of non-standard barcode such as printing distortion and crease damage, and support the invoicing function of QR code (WeChat, Alipay invoicing without installing plug-in, plug-and-play, convenient and fast), support agricultural project medicine code.

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