How to use barcode scanning correctly? Sep 28 , 2021

How to use barcode scanning correctly?

1. First of all, make sure that the barcode scan, data line, power supply and the receiving host are correctly connected and then turn on.

2. Press and hold the trigger key, the illumination is activated, and the red illumination goes as well as the red focus line appears.

3. Align the red focus line to the center of the barcode, move the barcode scan and adjust the position between the barcode and the scanner to find the best reading distance.

4. Hear the beep sound, while the red illumination line extinguished, then the scanning code is successful.

Mini bluetooth barcode scanner

Buletooth barcode scanner

How to deal with barcode scanning common failures?

If the barcode scan does not work properly, please check the following first.

1. Check whether the data line is properly connected to the host, including whether the data line is firm and whether the original data line is used.

2. Check whether the barcode label quality is good, the barcode scan may not be able to scan the broken and wrinkled label.

3. Check whether the barcode reading type of the barcode scan is open, if not, please open the barcode reading type first, if the barcode scan still can't be used, please contact us.

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