Industrial barcode scanner scans materials Feb 10 , 2022

Industrial barcode scanner scans raw materials

With the advent of digital economy, the production method of traditional manufacturing industry gradually shows the characteristics of informationization and intelligence. With the continuous improvement of the industry's awareness of efficiency and product quality, recording production information and tracking production process by purely manual means are not only high in labor cost and low in efficiency, but also easy to make mistakes, which can no longer meet the development needs of manufacturing industry.

By applying digital devices such as barcode scanners to production management, with the information collection and transmission function of barcode scanners and other data collection devices, real-time data management of production lines can be realized, which not only guarantees the traceability and control of production processes, but also meets the needs of online production scheduling. The production process is carried out in an orderly manner.

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Manufacturing production floor barcode scannermanufacturer-LONVILL-jingxin

As a Chinese barcode scanner manufacturer,LONVILL-jingxin deeply understands the special needs of the manufacturing industry and provides pda intelligent terminal devices for digital management in the manufacturing and processing industry, helping manufacturing enterprises to achieve efficient, accurate and intelligent business and personnel management in various aspects such as warehouse management, personnel supervision, equipment management and operation control, etc.,so as to realize cost reduction and efficiency increase of enterprises .

Production manufacturing industry warehouses,workshops of many types, large quantities, involving a variety of materials, spare parts and so on,The LONVILL-jingxin handheld data terminal is suitable for the collection of raw materials such as chemical materials, plastics, metals, etc. It can quickly identify bubble bags, oil, high density, DPM, sub-silver, broken and other types of barcodes. Common application scenarios are:

1. Raw material control: workshop staff use barcode scanner to quickly scan the code to identifyraw materials and check with their own receiving tasks to ensure the accuracy of the materials used.

2. Management and statistics: In the process of management and statistics, with the fast scanning function of barcode scanner, operators can conduct sampling, review, register and keep evidence of products anytime and anywhere to realize mobile digital office.

3. Warehouse management: With the barcode identification and entry function of LONVILL-jingxin barcode reader, the warehouse can achieve efficient and accurate management of goods, improve the efficiency of warehouse utilization, accelerate the turnover of goods, reduce losses, and lower personnel costs, thus enhancing the core competitiveness of enterprises.

4. Material verification and accountability: The operator can scan the raw materials or products through the barcode scanner to verify the accuracy of the materials, and record the abnormal nodes when there is an abnormality, so as to distinguish the authority and responsibility.

5. Record and track the production site, production date, shift production line, PCB board version number, batch number and serial number of the whole machine and main components, the quantity and time of each link of production materials, operator and machine number and other related information through barcode scanner to establish good traceability - traceable from finished products to the raw materials used .

6. Asset and equipment inventory/maintenance: barcode scanner can quickly identify equipment or asset information by quickly scanning barcode and metal code of various materials to help confirm fault information and conduct inventory.

7. Production scheduling: Staff can manage online production tasks, orders, batches, work orders, etc. through the barcode scanner, and support the modification of scheduling orders according to specific situations.

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