LONVILL 3mm size Datamatix Code Industrial Stationary Scanner Aug 24 , 2022

3MM * 3MM DM Code Reader Industrial Fixed Scanner

Recently, several Russian customers bought A65 from our company, according to customer feedback we know that in Russia, Datamatix barcode is more popular than ordinary QR barcode, in PCB board or DPM barcode is mostly Datamatix code, and our A65 industrial fixed scan is very suitable for Datamatrix barcode scanning, even for very small .The A65 is also very suitable for scanning moving barcodes on the assembly line. If you need to scan multiple barcodes at the same time, the A65 fixed scan can also meet the requirements, but of course we also have other models for you to choose from.


Next, the features of the A65 industrial fixed scanner are further introduced.
The A65 barcode scanner is IP65 rated, so it is dust and water resistant. 2 versions of the A65 series are available, the A65-SR,A65-HD:The A65-SR is suitable for reading printed barcodes on high-speed assembly lines, such as on parcels on express logistics conveyors, and is highly adaptable.A65-HD supports reading DPM barcode and decoding various high-precision barcodes, with fast and accurate reading.

A65 barcode scanner

A65 adopts megapixel CMOS (1280*800 pixels)image sensor, supports USB or RS232 port and Ethernet port, and also optional I/O control box, So there are many choices to meet your needs. With I/0 extensible interfaces, the scanner can realize 1 way out photoelectric coupled isolate input (NPN / PNP /relay) and two ways out photoelectric coupled isolate output (Good ; NG). It can control the external device. For production line use, the external trigger function is mainly used. If the scanner does not scan the barcode, it will trigger the alarm light to remind to take further action.In addition, the A65 industrial DM scanner supports intelligent lighting system.With the intelligent lighting adjustment function, it can meet all the general environment as well as the scanning environment needs in the production line, such as different materials (e.g. refractive index), shapes (curved surfaces), backgrounds and code colors.

Ethernet barcode scanner

If you have any project for scanning DM barcode, barcode scanning on production line or conveyor, or need scanning DPM code,you can contact us, leave your email or Whatsapp, we will send you the detailed product property sheet, test video and other information.

Guangzhou LONVILL focuses on the development and manufacture of 2D code related technology and hardware. It not only provides higher quality and more economical QR code scanning modules, handheld gun-type scanning, desktop scanning, fixed scanning for major enterprises at home and abroad, but also provides scanning software type services. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us! Our e-mail: sales@lonvill.com. We will provide you with a variety of embedded scanning module sample testing, 2D scanning module OEM application solutions and professional technical services to meet your development and deployment.

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