LONVILL-Jingxin barcode scanner module common after-sales questions Feb 10 , 2022

LONVILL-Jingxin barcode scanner module common after-sales questions

First, correctly connected to the data cable but not started

A: 1The scanner is not powered on, make sure the host is powered on and normal.

2The interface data cable is not connected correctly, please check whether the data cable is inserted in place.

3 Ensure that the host computer is powered on and meets the power requirements of the engine.

4Check whether the device and irstthe scanner are connected according to the scanner interface definition before.

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Second, connected but cannot read barcode

A: 1、The type of barcode code system is not opened, open the code system by reading the setting code.

2、Barcode is damaged, please try to scan other barcode of the same type.

3、The distance between the scanner gun and the barcode is not suitable, please move the barcode to the right position.

4、Barcode is not in the scanning range, the barcode will be identified against.

Third, the barcode can be read, but the host does not display the content

A: 1, interface settings do not match, scan the interface settings barcode inside the manual, and the actual communication interface used to match each other.

Fourth, the contents of the scan in the host display incorrectly

A: 1, input method error (for the usb interface), adjust the computer input method to English lowercase.

2、Check whether the serial port parameter setting matches with the host computer (for the serial port interface), scan the serial port parameter barcode in the manual, so that the scanner and the host computer serial port parameters match each other.

3、For other settings of the scanner, scan the "Restore Factory Settings" barcode to restore the scanner parameters to the factory state.

wide angle barcode scanner module

Five, the bar code content appears garbled or error

A: The language of the scanner does not match the language of the keyboard on the PC (for the usb interface), adjust the language of the keyboard on the PC to be consistent with the scanner.

Six, read the code after the content output but the scanner no sound

A:barcode scannerread the code success beep is not open, sweep the "restore factory settings" barcode, the scanner parameters to restore the factory state

Seven, the content is the URL of the two-dimensional code can not be identified

A: Some models close the default Web site QR code recognition function, scan the manual inside to open the Web site QR code output function settings barcode, open the Web site QR code output function.

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