LONVILL V21 OCR Character Recognition Scanner Gun Feb 16 , 2022

LONVILL V21 OCR Character Recognition Scanner Gun

OCR(Optical Character Recognition) is a process in which an electronic device (such as a scanner or digital camera) examines characters printed on paper, determines their shape by detecting dark and light patterns, and then translates the shape into computer text using character recognition methods; i.e., for printed characters, the paper document is optically converted from text into black-and-white dot matrix image files, and through recognition software to convert the text in the image into text format for further editing and processing by word processing software technology. How to remove errors or use auxiliary information to improve the recognition correct rate is the most important topic of OCR, and the term ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) is thus created. The main indicators to measure the performance of an OCR system are: rejection rate, error recognition rate, recognition speed, user interface friendliness, product stability, ease of use and feasibility, etc.

LONVILL OCR scan gun can be directly printed characters, directly scanned and recognized after transmission to the computer, into computer text that can be edited. Standard OCR font accuracy rate of 99.999% or more, non-standard fonts after debugging accuracy can also reach close to the standard font level (depending on the specific font).

Determinants of identification.

1. The quality of printing, generally recommended 150dpi or more.

2. color, general recognition of color is very poor, black and white pictures are higher, so it is recommended that the OCR's for black characters with a white background.

3. The most important thing is the font, if it is handwritten, the recognition rate is very low. It is recommended to use standard OCR fonts, non-standard fonts need to be debugged separately.

Why use OCR fonts?

Many computer fonts, numbers 0 and O, 9 and 6, M,W, 1 and 7, etc., morphological curve optical overlap, the machine optical OCR will have a certain probability of error, can not be 100% accurate distinction.

Use OCR fonts to ensure accurate optical recognition

OCR-A fonts for example.ocr scanner

OCR-B fonts for example.ocr scanner

Commonly used OCR fonts

For example: ID card fonts, passport fonts, license plates, OCR-A fonts, OCR-B fonts, SEMIU.S.Currency, MICR fonts are all standard OCR fonts, which can be accurately identified optically.

PASS BARCODE SCANNER id card barcode scanner passport scanner

Pass                       ID card                     Passport

OCR standard font example diagram.

ocr code scanner ocr code scanner

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