Qr Code Scanning Engine for Handheld Scanner Aug 24 , 2022

Qr Code Scanning Engine for Handheld Scanner

Recently, many handheld barcode scanner manufacturers have been inquiring about the secondary development of scanning modules. What is the type of QR code scanning module embedded in the scanning gun? What is their depth of field? What interfaces are supported and what types of barcodes can be scanned? As a barcode recognition component hidden inside a smart device, the QR code scanning module is not well known, but it plays an indispensable role.

Because many manufacturers often do not know what brand model is really suitable for them. Manufacturers are dazzled by the various brands and models of barcode scanning modules on the market. According to the feedback from LONVILL customers, it is found that LONVILL's scanning module is not only cost-effective, and the scanning performance is also praiseworthy, the following are a few representative, cost-effective, high-value products selected by the author for you.

(1)YJD30 2D Barcode Scan Engine


(2)Q1 2D Scan Engine


(3)YJD600 2D Code Scanner Module


What are the advantages of LONVILL QR code scanning module?
Adopting the world's leading chip-based intelligent pattern recognition technology, it has created a new era of image-based QR code reading engine. The Q1 scanning engine, for example, is designed to be very miniature, with an external dimension of 21.5 * 9 * 7 mm. It is designed to meet the needs of extremely miniaturized embedded applications. It can be embedded into handheld devices such as industrial tablets, guns type barcode scan, ring 2d code reader,PDAs and POS machines. Supports TTL-232 and USB interfaces to meet more interface requirements. It can read cell phone screen code and paper barcode perfectly. It also can easily scan long barcode, PDF417 barcode, Three versions are available for long-range reading, close reading and standard distance reading.

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