Solutions of Industrial Barcode Automation Scanning Apr 11 , 2022

Solutions of Industrial Barcode Automation Scanning

In industrial production lines, batch tracking and recording of parts or components used in the manufacturing process is required to ensure the quality of the products. However, many existing factory production lines still rely on manual recording of information for each process product, which is then uniformly entered into a computerized form. This old method is easy to record the wrong information, even if repeated checks are made, it is a waste of time and the finished parts and components are not tracked and controlled in a timely and effective manner. Therefore, it is especially important to introduce barcode and industrial scanner systems to track and record the parts or components used in the manufacturing process in batches. The system ensures that the production line can run more smoothly, increasing efficiency and delivering products to customers faster.


Solutions for barcode automation in the industrial category:

Industrial barcode scanners need to be set up at each process point in the industrial production line where information is to be recorded. When the components or finished products with barcodes are passed by the industrial barcode scanners, the automatic scanning platform will read the information and transmit the product information to the computer at the same time. Generally, RS232/485 transmission mode is adopted, and one computer can be connected to multiple industrial scanners through multi-functional serial conversion cards.

Several benefits of introducing barcode scanning solutions for industrial production lines:

1. Track your manufacturing process with the ability to automatically record the parts used throughout the production assembly process, providing a more accurate understanding of each step in the manufacturing process.

2. Effective inventory management and daily production expansion, allowing your staff to accurately stock in and out products, produce accurately, and dock numbers with customers in a timely manner.

3. Saving cost, improving efficiency and data reliability, the barcode read out by using the industrial scanning platform can greatly reduce the error rate. Once successfully installed, fixed industrial scanners do not require manual intervention to control, and can operate automatically, which can save manpower. The visualization of data also avoids excessive accumulation of products.

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