Streamlining Operations: The Importance of Intralogistics and The Benefits of Fixed Scanning Mar 23 , 2023

fixed scans are an essential component of intralogistics operations, enabling real-time tracking of inventory, improving order fulfillment accuracy, enhancing quality control processes, facilitating performance analysis, and enhancing security.

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Intralogistics systems play a vital role in the efficient management of materials and goods within a company's operations. One key aspect of modern intralogistics operations is fixed scanning, which involves the use of stationary barcode scanners or RFID readers at specific locations in a warehouse or facility.


Fixed Scanning: Enhancing Warehouse Efficiency

Fixed scanning enables warehouse managers to monitor the movement of goods in real-time, track inventory levels, and identify any potential bottlenecks or issues in the process. By capturing data at specific points in the process, fixed scanning helps to improve inventory accuracy by reducing errors and minimizing the likelihood of lost or misplaced items.

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Reduce Errors and Optimize Layouts with Fixed Scanning

Moreover, fixed scanning allows managers to optimize operations by providing real-time visibility into inventory levels and movement. This enables informed decisions regarding inventory management, staffing, and resource allocation, resulting in increased efficiency and cost savings. Furthermore, fixed scanning can help warehouse managers to optimize layouts, improve picking and packing processes, and reduce errors and delays.


Fixed scanning is an essential technology for modern intralogistics systems. Its ability to accurately and efficiently track inventory, improve visibility and decision-making, and optimize operations makes it a crucial tool for companies looking to improve efficiency, reduce errors, and increase customer satisfaction.

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