Symbology in barcode Nov 19 , 2021

Barcode Technology

Barcode technology realizes fast and reliable data collection, which was first used in retail settlement to improve work efficiency, and later expanded to food safety traceability, logistics, warehousing and other functions. Bar code technology organically links the information systems of various industries, provides the technical means to synchronize logistics and information flow, effectively improves the efficiency of supply chain management, and is a necessary prerequisite for e-commerce, logistics management modernization, etc. Barcode as an accurate, reliable, timely and economic means of data input has been adopted by the logistics information system. In the industrially developed countries have been popularly used, has become the unique world-wide "identity card" of goods.

Barcodes are machine-readable symbols that are used to store identification data related to parts or products. When the barcode scanner is read, these symbols are decoded, recorded and processed, and data used for various purposes (such as pricing, order execution, tracking the entire production process, classification, transportation, etc.) is extracted from them.


1D Linear (one-dimensional) barcode

The 1D (one-dimensional) barcode is a typical style, and we are most familiar with it. All the information in the code is arranged horizontally in the width of stripes and gaps, and is read from left to right by the scanner. There are several one-dimensional barcodes that can only store numeric data, and others can encode additional characters. The height of the barcode varies according to the available space of the product and the size of the barcode that the barcode reader can read. Bar codes can mark the country of production, manufacturer, product name, production date, book classification number, mail start and end location, category, date and other information, so it can be obtained in many fields such as commodity circulation, book management, postal management, banking system, etc. It has a wide range of applications.

Code Types:

Codabar Barcodes

Code 128 Barcodes

Code 39 Barcodes

Code 93 Barcodes

EAN-13 Barcodes

EAN-8 Barcodes

Extended Code 39

GS1 DataBar Expanded Barcodes

MSI/Plessey Barcodes

UPC-E Barcodes

Interleaved 2 of 5 Barcodes

GS1 DataBar Omnidirectional

UPC-A Barcodes

2DMatrix (two-dimensional) barcode

Matrix code, also known as two-dimensional code or2D codes, is a way of presenting digital information in a two-dimensional matrix.It is the latest addition to bar codes, It is similar to a linear (one-dimensional) barcode.But it can store data both horizontally and vertically. Compared with a one-dimensional barcode, the amount of information that can be encoded is significantly increased and more data can be expressed.

Code Types:

Aztec Codes

Data Matrix Codes

Direct Part Marking

Maxi Codes

QR Codes

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