The advantages of desktop barcode scanner Sep 08 , 2022

Desktop barcode scanning, the most common scenario is used with POS cash register at the checkout counter. Because of the large reading window of desktop barcode scanner, high barcode reading sensitivity and fast scanning speed, the 360 Degrees Omnidirectional 2D scanning platform will be more popular than handheld barcode scanning in large supermarkets.


So what are the advantages of desktop barcode scanning?


1. Most desktop barcode scanners have auto-sensing and constant light scanning modes: no external sensor is needed, auto-sensingscan mode and Continuous scan mode.


2. Omni-directional reading mode: free your hands, when you need to scan the barcode, you only need to put the barcode on the product in front of the barcode scanning window, you can read the barcode quickly and accurately. 360 degree omnidirectional reading barcode, minimize the trouble of barcode positioning, improve the speed and timeliness of the cash register


3. Desktop barcode scanner has many models and specifications: those that can read high-density barcodes, read barcodes from a distance, can read barcodes with color images, etc.

And LONVILL will provide custom design and development to meet diversified needs.


3. Desktop barcode scanning is rich in use scenarios, and can be placed on the desktop or embedded in the self-checkout equipment. The use scenario of barcode scanning platform: retail, superstore, tobacco, logistics, storage, medical, electricity, government public utilities, banks, books, clothing, restaurants, convenience stores, self-service cash registers, etc.

Omnidirectional barcode scanning

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