The difference between industrial barcode scanner and commercial barcode scanner Sep 28 , 2021

The difference between industrial barcode scanner and commercial barcode scanner.

The types of bacode scanner are divided into laser barcode scanner, image barcode scanner, 1D barcode scanner, 2D barcode scanner, wired barcode scanner, wireless barcode scanner and so on. But the use of barcode scanner are divided into commercial and industrial, today we will talk about the difference between industrial barcode scanner and commercial barcode scanner.

A: different IP rating of the barcode scanner

First of all, let's understand what is IP

IP rating is one of the important safety performance of electrical products, often called shell protection level. The group of numbers refers to the lamp shell can ensure that the lamps and lanterns in the corresponding natural environment to work safely, and at the same time does not produce unsafe to the outside world.

The former refers to the barcode reader scanner can prevent the intrusion of external solids or liquids, will not produce a short circuit and fire, thus causing accidents; the latter refers to the barcode reader scanner can prevent electric shock, to ensure the safety of users or unintentional contact with people or animals. The natural environment on the electrical safety of the impact of many elements, shock vibration, corrosion, explosion, temperature differences, etc., but the most common are: solid objects: people, animals, tools and dust, etc.; liquid: rain, spray and immersion, such as the intrusion of water.

The industrial environment is relatively harsh compared to the super environment, in the process of using the barcode scanner, it is likely to encounter the intrusion of substances or liquids, more serious shock vibration, a large number of dust and other factors. So the industrial barcode scanner will have an industrial rating level to determine the quality of the barcode scanner, who does not want to buy a barcode scanner from day to day failure, delaying the normal production. On the contrary, the requirements for the IP rating of the barcode scanner in the superstore environment are greatly reduced.

IP42 commercial barcode scanner

B: the difference in scanning performance of the scanning gun.

The environment of industrial applications is very complex, sometimes barcodes must be scanned under strong light conditions, sometimes need to operate outdoors, sometimes need to scan barcodes from a distance, and sometimes need to scan barcodes of comparative density, these factors cause the ordinary scanning gun can not meet the needs of scanning in industrial environments. The most common barcode of the superstore is nothing but EAN-13 code, many product barcodes are printed, the barcode quality is very good, it is easy to scan, there are many kinds of scanning guns, but no matter which classification scanning guns, generally can scan.

C: the difference in the price of the barcode scanner

Industrial barcode scanners are usually drop-resistant, dustproof and waterproof, so the price is also high. Although the superstore's barcode scanner also has a certain IP rating, but in order to cost considerations, the general rating of industrial grade is also low. You can't take the barcode scanner used in the supermarket to maliciously fall, or to soak water, so the super barcode scanner generally ranges from a few hundred to more than a thousand, compared to the industrial low a lot.

Although the factory scanner and supermarket scanner are different, the ultimate goal is to better scan and collect barcodes. It is only for the use of different environment needs to use a different scanning gun. So it leads to another interesting question, whether the supermarket scanner can not scan the barcode, with the industrial scanner can scan it, the answer is no.  There are many factors affecting the problem of not being able to scan barcodes, so click here for a simple understanding of how to properly use abarcode scan.

Commercial Scan Guns

D: How to choose the most suitable barcode scan for you?

1. ordinary super store, warehouse, production line barcode reading, can choose economic durable laser barcode scan.

2. some use of the environment is more special places, such as dust, easy to corrode, temperature differences, such as the user is difficult to hold lightly, you have to choose a higher IP level of the bar code scanner.

dustproof barcode scanner

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