Top 5 benefits of vending machines with barcode scanners Nov 16 , 2022

Top 5 benefits of vending machines with barcode scanners

qr code scanner for kiosk

1. Save labor, reduce maintenance and increase profits

Vendors only need to replenish products for vending machines on a regular basis. Vending machines can be placed in non-store areas (e.g. subways, movie theaters) without the need for cashiers. It is much faster and more profitable than traditional stores. Only one machine with a barcode scanning module is needed to serve consumers well.

2. Barcode scanner identification

The barcode scanner identification avoids illegal consumption by minors. For example, some countries prohibit minors from drinking or smoking, and in stores, sellers are not comfortable asking customers to show their IDs, which could lead to the disclosure of customer information, but by using vending machines with barcode scanning equipment, consumers can simply register their identity with a barcode on a designated app to purchase the desired product. No manual identification is required.

3. Real-time tracking and management

The vending system can actually monitor the flow of each item in real time. This provides good traceability for suppliers

4. Support 24-hour self-service

Traditional retail stores cannot work 24 hours a day, but vending machines can. It not only brings more profit to the seller, but also facilitates every consumer to meet the different schedule of each consumer, so that they can self-buy the products in the vending machine at any time.

5. Payments are fast and convenient, saving time and effort

No need to provide change coins, you can scan the payment code, or pay with credit card or bank card. Day or night, vending machines installed with fixed barcode scanning can quickly and accurately read the barcode provided by the consumer.

These barcode scanners are ideal for vending machines: Beverage & Mouthpiece & Food Kiosks

S00274 big window embedded barcode scanner

Simultaneous barcode and NFC reading via Wi-Fi.
Plug-and-play and easy to install.

It reads barcodes well even in dark environments when we put the phone screen or paper in front of it.

barcode scanner for vending machine

V68 Long-range 2d barcode scanner module

Suitable for various kiosks, ATMs, revolving doors, etc.
It can also scan long-range barcodes (1.5m scannable for payment codes on Apple phones).

Even in a dark environment, it supports automatic barcode detection and reading when we present the phone screen or paper in front of it.

barcode reader for kiosk

YJD900 fixed mount barcode scanner for kiosk

Small size, easy to integrate, plug and play
Suitable for courier cabinets, ticketing machines, display kiosks, all kinds of self-service vending machines, etc.

Automatic exposure control, fast scanning speed, accurate reading of general defective codes

fixed barcode scanner for kiosk

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