What is a barcode scanner module? Mar 22 , 2022

What is a barcode scanner module?

Scanning modules are called various names, such as bar code scanning module, scanner engine,bacode reading module,POS payment module,barcodescanner,barcode reader,scanning head (PDA ,mobile computer,etc. ) and so on.

According to its different scanning code system is divided into: 1D code scanning module, CCD red light scanning module, 2D code scanning module, please see the following chart for the difference.

Paper 1D code

Paper QR Code

Cell phone screen 1D code

Cell phone screen QR code

One-dimensional code scanner




CCD Scanner



QR code scanner

According to its application scenario, it is divided into: commercial scanning module(commercial scanner engine) , industrial scanning module(industrial scanner engine).

Among them, 2D code scanning module is the most widely used, because it can scan 1D code, 2D code, mobile payment code at the same time, so it can be seen in many places, such as: body temperature monitoring machine, self-service vending machine, ticket machine, query machine, courier cabinet, storage cabinet, self-service payment equipment, cinema ticket machine, various payment windows, gate, a card, building elevator control, vending machine, library self-service management equipment, garbage sorting, parking lot self-service payment, etc. Book self-service management equipment, garbage sorting and disposal, parking lot self-service payment, etc.

What are the best barcode scanning module manufacturers in China?

Guangzhou Jingxin technology research and development production of two-dimensional code scanner module using thelatestdecoding technology, can quickly read all kinds of paper bar codes, cell phone laminated code, low brightness cell phone code, fill light has automatic dimming function, standby time is dark, read the code when the light is bright. And can automatically adjust the brightness of the light according to the items far and near. Large window design, scanning a wider range of codes. Rich interface, there are:USB/RS232/TTL/Wieganda variety of interfaces to choose, compatible with a variety of systems, provide SDK development kit and technical support, welcome to consult!

barcode scanner module

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