What is animals microchip RFID identification? Jun 23 , 2022

What is wireless radio frequency identification?

Wireless radio frequency identification that radio frequency identification technology (Radio Frequency Identification, RFID), through the wireless radio frequency way for non-contact two-way data communication, the use of wireless radio frequency way to record electronic tags or radio frequency card read and write, so as to achieve the purpose of identifying the target and data exchange, It is considered to be one of the most promising information technologies in the 21st century.

What is a pet chip?

Pet chip is a kind of micro electronic chip made by special packaging process using passive radio frequency recognition and micro power consumption integration technology. Through the pet identifier sensing chip, the bound pet information is transmitted to achieve identification purposes. Let the pet have an independent identity ID for identification tracking management; has been widely used in fish migration, animal identification, ornamental fish management, pigeon management and other fields.

Core value of pet chip

RFID pet chip can record whether the pet's vaccines, pedigree, birth, past medical history, health records, pet owner contact information, approximate residence location pet insurance and other information, and can be scanned by a scanner to obtain information about the pet for tracking management.

Advantages of using animal tags for identification

1. prevent pet loss

Through the pet chip bound information can be checked to the pet owner, in pet stores, pet hospitals, rescue stations, police stations, etc. through the pet scanner scan wearing the dog's neck implanted chip, you can find the owner, and at the same time do have responsibility to strengthen the awareness of dog ownership, reduce the phenomenon of abandonment while reducing the loss of stray dogs.

2. electronic files in the body, sickness can be based on the evidence

The chip records the pet's medical history, vaccines and deworming, health status and other information, when the pet goes to the doctor, the chip is equivalent to a portable case, the doctor can scan the chip to understand the pet's past situation and get more accurate treatment. At the same time for the pet to buy insurance, you can check the insurance information, lost or injured have protection.

With the development of science and technology, the level of data, scientific level continues to improve; the development of the Internet of Things RFID, for animal identification management has important significance, pig positioning tracking management, cattle and sheep identification management, fishing, from pets and other animal tracking management is revolutionary!


Guangzhou Jingxin Technology recommends high quality low frequency pet new identification P9B, this animal microchip RFID scanner uses RFID wireless reading method, support EMID, FDX-B (ISO1784/85) and other formats of electronic tags. The product adopts high-brightness OLED display, which can be clearly displayed in indoor or outdoor strong light conditions, and the product also comes with storage function, which can store up to 128 tags information, and the user can upload it to the computer via USB data line.With stable performance and simple operation, it is suitable for small animal management and traceability management.

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