What is radio frequency identification technology? Jun 23 , 2022

What is RFID?

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology, also known as radio frequency identification, is a communication technology that identifies a specific target and reads and writes relevant data through radio signals without the need for mechanical or optical contact between the identification system and the specific target. From the conceptual point of view, RFID is similar to bar code scanning, for bar code technology, it is already encoded bar code attached to the target and use the special scanning reader to use the light signal to transmit the information from the strip magnetic to the scanning reader; and RFID is using the special RFID reader and special can be attached to the target RFID tag, use the frequency signal to transmit the information from the RFID tag Transmits to RFID reader.

Components Transponder: composed of antenna, coupling components and chips, generally speaking, are used as transponders, each tag has a unique electronic code, attached to the object to identify the target object.

Reader: by the antenna, the coupling element, the chip composition, reads (sometimes also can write) the label information the equipment, may design for the handheld rfid read-write or the fixed read-write.

Application software system: is the application layer software, mainly the collected data is further processed and used by people.


RFID technology can be applied in what areas?

1. Adopting automatic vehicle identification technology, it makes road and bridge, parking lot and other charging places avoid the phenomenon of vehicles lining up for customs clearance and reduce the time waste, thus greatly improving the transportation efficiency and the capacity of transportation facilities.

2. In the factory's automated production line, all aspects of the entire product production process are placed under close monitoring and management.

3. In the retail industry, the use of bar code technology has enabled tens of thousands of product categories, prices, origins, batches, shelves, inventories, etc.

4. In bus operation management, the automatic identification system accurately records the arrival and departure moments of vehicles at each station along the route, providing real-time and reliable information for vehicle scheduling and full operation management.

5. In the harsh environment such as dust, pollution, cold and heat, the application of long-distance range radio frequency identification technology improves the inconvenience that the truck driver must get off the truck to handle the procedures.


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