What is the difference between a 1D barcode and 2D barcode scanner? Sep 16 , 2022

What is the difference between a 1D barcode scanner and a 2D barcode scanner?

They look almost the same, but in reality a 2D barcode scanner is an upgraded version of a 1D barcode scanner with much improved functionality. LONVILL tells you what the difference is between a 1D barcode scanner and a 2D barcode scanner.

Before distinguishing between 1D barcode scanners and 2D barcode scanners, let's understand the difference between red light scanners and laser scanner

The working principle of a red light scanner: it uses an LED light-emitting diode light source, relies on a CCD or CMOS light-sensitive element, and then converts the signal through photoelectricity.

The working principle of laser scanner: the internal laser device illuminates the laser dot, relying on the vibration motor oscillation to beat the laser dot into a laser line on the barcode, and then after A-D decoding into a digital signal. The laser barcode scanner can only scan one-dimensional barcodes in general, while the red light scanner can scan both one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcodes, and at the same time can scan the screen barcode.

1D barcode scanner and 2Dbarcode scanner difference

The imaging principle is different.

The imaging principle of the one-dimensional laser scanning is through the principle of laser reflection to achieve the sweeping code.

Two-dimensional image scanning maging principle is CMOS imaging principle to achieve the sweeping code, CMOS is a camera module.

As we all know, the 1D code is made up of vertical black and white stripes, black and white, and the stripes vary in thickness, usually with English letters or Arabic numbers underneath. It can hold a limited number of numbers and text.

However, 2D codes are dot matrix and can hold more information. By scanning the barcode with a 2D scanner you can not only find out the name, model and price of the product, but also its production material, place of production, date of production and other more detailed information.

The 2D scanner can scan both 1D and 2D barcodes, but the 1D scanner can only scan 1D barcodes.With the improvement of related technology, the price of 2D scanning is similar to that of 1D scanners.

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