What is the difference between professional barcode scanning and cell phone QR code scanning software? Nov 17 , 2022

What is the difference between professional barcode scanning equipment and cell phone QR code scanning software?

Guangzhou Jingxin Technology Co., Ltd (LONVILL) to tell you the answer.

First, the difference in design.

Bar code scanner is generally composed of light source, optical lens, scanning module, Analog-to-digital conversion circuit and plastic housing composition. It uses photoelectric components to convert the detected light signal into an electrical signal, and then the electrical signal through the analog-to-digital converter into a digital signal transmitted to the computer for processing. Bar code scanning equipment is installed through the special bar code scanning engine to scan the two-dimensional code.

 QR code scanning software


Cell phone scanning barcode QR code is dependent on the camera to capture pictures, built-in software in the secondary analysis, output, while the cell phone is a multi-functional applications, scanning code is only one of them. Use the cell phone as a dedicated scanning device, not only high cost, but also unsafe. As an opaque information bearing tool, QR code may carry Trojan horse virus or dark links, and while scanning the code, these viruses may have acquired your personal information or stolen personal property. Therefore, scanning barcodes with cell phones requires caution.

Second, the difference in decoding.

Professional barcode scanning equipment is a "hard decoding", have a special decoding chip and camera inside; decoding speed is calculated by millisecond level.

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Cell phone scanning barcode QR code is the built-in decoding software for the photographic decoding in the output, the decoding success rate, support barcode type, depends on the calculation method of the decoding software and how to deploy the cell phone hardware, the time used in this process is certainly much greater than the professional barcode scanning equipment, cell phone scanning barcode QR code we commonly known as "soft decoding ".

Third, the difference in the mode of operation.

The targeting method of barcode scanning equipment is called external targeting, and the key switch will start the targeting line (box, center point, etc.) to help you align with the barcode. The cell phone has to put the barcode in the right position on the screen, the operation is very slow and inconvenient, and the working efficiency is greatly reduced.

Fourth, the difference in communication protocol.

Scanning guns basically support USB port, RS232 serial port, network port communication, basically all the applications used in scanning guns are using these communication protocols, the decoding results are directly output to the application software. Such as supermarket cashier, manufacturer traceability system, logistics and storage system, in and out of the warehouse system.

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Cell phone scan results are only displayed on your cell phone screen, or only and your cell phone APP communication interaction, to communicate with PC or other devices, the workload done in the middle of this is larger, very troublesome.

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