What scanner modules are suitable for security access control systems? Feb 21 , 2022

What types of access control systems are there?

What scanning modules are suitable for security access control systems?

Access control system, as the name implies, is a system to control the entrance and exit channels, which is developed on the basis of the traditional door lock. Common access control systems include: password identification access control system, card identification access control system, biometric access control system, etc.

Password recognition access control system

Access rights are identified by verifying that the entered password is correct. These products are subdivided into two categories, one is the ordinary type, and one is the chaotic keyboard type (the numbers on the keyboard are not fixed and do not change automatically at regular intervals). The advantages of password recognition is easy to operate, no need to carry a card, the cost is low. The disadvantage is that the security is poor easy to leak, only one-way control, no open door records, the keys are easy to damage, failure.

Swipe card recognition access control system

According to the type of card can be divided into contact card access control system (magnetic stripe card, barcode card) and non-contact card (also called induction card, the RF Cards ) access control system. Contact products are easy to wear and easy to copy the information due to contact use of the card, easy to be interfered with by external magnetic fields resulting in failure, the use of scenarios less, generally only in and bank cards (magnetic stripe card) related occasions are used. Non-contact cards have the advantages of ease of use, durability, fast reading speed and high security.

Biometric Access Control System

Access is identified by examining the biometric characteristics of the person, etc. There are fingerprint type, palm-shaped type, iris type, facial recognition type, finger vein type, etc. Its advantages are that it will not be lost, will not be stolen, no memory password burden, security and convenience. However, the stability and accuracy of biometric identification are still being further improved, and the price of the product is also higher than the previous two types, and the applicable scenes also have certain limitations.

In addition,in recent yearsthere have beennew forms of access control systems such as QR codes, Bluetooth, WIFI and other open doors. Residents can use the cell phone APP to open the door near the access control machine after verifying their identity through the cell phone APP, while residents can also generate a QR code image that authorizes visitors to open the door and share it with visitors, who have a time and open the door for a limited number of QR codes.

Access control system after more than two decades of development, has gradually become a complete access management system. With the continuous development of the security industry, the traditional password identification and card identification has been difficult to meet market demand, the Internet of Things, cloud computing and the development and rise of intelligent mobile devices, prompting companies to develop new products, new technologies to obtain greater market space and product profitability.

access control barcode scanner

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