Which scanning module supports tablet PC? Feb 17 , 2022

Which scanning module supports tablet computer?

What are the applications of industrial tablet computers with scanning head?

2D code scanning module as a built-in integrated in the tablet mobile information barcode collection accessories, can achieve 1D / 2D barcode high-speed scanning function, currently in the industrial field of barcode scanner recognition is very extensive. The code scanning module is like the "electronic eye" of the industrial tablet computer, giving full play to its two-dimensional code automatic identification, decoding and data transmission characteristics to achieve industrial automation bar code collection, in data collection than handheld devices. So with 2d code decoding head tablet computer,with high-speed barcode reading function can be applied to what areas? Its related application areas are mainly the following aspects:

(1) The barcode scanning head module is embedded and integrated into the medical tablet/medical device to enable mobile room inspection;

(2) Barcode scanner head module embedded into portable tablet for station/scenic area admission ticket checking;

(3) QR code scanning module head embedded into the Android industrial tablet for warehouse/logistics management and fast inventory;

(4) The barcode scanner engine head is embedded in the tablet computer application for store counter inventory, order meeting and other industry needs;

barcode scanner for ipad

However,as an automatic barcode collection accessory in the industrial field, not any one barcode scanning module can support embedded in the tablet computer. In addition to the ability to scan various mainstream code systems of 1D and 2D barcodes, the size of the space reserved when embedded in thetablet computer device, the interface, the working environment of the scanning module, etc. should also be taken into account. After LONVILL Jingxin years of customer service experience analysis, especially recommended a most suitable for flat-panel Q1 embedded 2D scanning module, while the same applies to PDA products, scan guns, medical equipment!

It is understood that the Q1 barcode scanning module has excellent barcode scanning capability, and its extremely small form factor makes it a good embedded fortablet computer devices, portable devices and handheld devices.Q1 combines a new decoding architecture and custom sensors, with longer scanning depth of field and faster scanning speed, and can easily read low quality barcodes, especially bent, wrinkled and contaminated barcodes. With excellent decoding performance, it is favored by domestic and foreign handheld terminal manufacturers and tablet computer (iPad) suppliers.

Android handheld machine special scanning head water can be embedded in cell phones, tablets, PDA and other handheld devices this small size, light weight, high performance, low power consumption.

LONVILL-Jingxin technology focus on barcode identification field over 20 years, self-developed cost-effective medium and long range depth-of-field CCD 1D, 2D barcode scanning module / barcode scanner module / barcode reading engine has superior scanning performance and super high cost performance, professional reading a variety of screen code, paper barcodes, accept OEM customization of the majority of customers.LONVILL-Jingxinhas the most professional technical service team for barcode equipment products to ensure your purchase and use without worries!

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