Why use 1D laser barcode scanning? Nov 08 , 2022

Why use 1D laser barcode scanning?
With the popularity of 2D codes, more and more people are using 2D barcode scanners and image-based 2D barcode scanning can not only recognise 2D codes but also 1D codes. So as an earlier technology, why has laser barcode scanning, which can only decode 1D codes, not been eliminated?

1. Diode laser scanners are more economical
The production cost of laser scanner is lower, the internal structure is simpler compared to image barcode scanning, it does not need an image processor, in the application scenario that only needs to scan 1D code, laser barcode scanning is more convenient and more economical.

fixed 1d laser barcode scanner

2. Diode laser barcode scanning is faster,scanning speed of up to 1500 scans per second. For applications requiring fast scanning of 1D barcodes, laser barcode scanning is more cost effective in terms of labour and time.

3. Can scan relatively long distance barcodes

Laser barcode scanners can read 1D barcodes at relatively long distances due to the long wavelength of red light and the fact that, due to the nature of the laser, the light does not essentially disperse its beam no matter how far it travels from the source.
On the other hand, 1D barcodes are very suitable fordecoding items that may be associated with other frequently changing information. In the case of the UPC, for example, the item identified by the UPC does not change, although the price of the item changes frequently.
Therefore, laser barcode scanning is still needed and still holds a part of the market share.

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