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Choosing a Fixed Barcode Scanner for Static DWS System: Factors to Consider and Popular Options Apr 06 , 2023

Static DWS system, integrated with integration code reader, binocular 3D camera and a static scale, can realize the collection of volume, barcode and weight information through non-contact measurement, which contributes to objective and accurate data result.

fixed scanners for static DWS system

There are several types of fixed barcode scanners that can be used with static DWS systems, including laser scanners, linear imagers, and 2D imagers. Laser scanners use a laser beam to read the barcode, while linear and 2D imagers use a camera to capture an image of the barcode and then decode it.

Choosing a suitable fixed barcode scanner for static DWS system requires considering several factors such as the type of barcode scanner, the scanning speed, accuracy, compatibility, and the types of barcodes to be scanned. Here are some steps to follow when selecting a suitable fixed barcode scanner for static DWS system:

Identify your scanning needs: Determine the volume and frequency of scanning required for your application. If you need to scan a large volume of items quickly, you may want to consider a high-speed scanner that can scan multiple barcodes simultaneously.

Choose the type of scanner: There are different types of barcode scanners, including laser, linear imager, and 2D imager scanners. Choose the type that is most appropriate for the type of barcodes that you will be scanning. For example, if you will be scanning 2D barcodes, you will need a 2D imager scanner.

Consider scanning speed and accuracy: If you need to scan quickly, choose a code scanner with a high scanning speed. Additionally, consider the accuracy of the scanner to ensure that it reads the barcodes accurately every time.

Check compatibility with static DWS system: Ensure that the barcode scanner you choose is compatible with the static DWS system. This includes checking the interface and compatibility with the static DWS system software.

Verify compatibility with the barcode type: Ensure that the scanner can read the types of barcodes that you will be using. Common barcode types include Code 39, Code 128, and UPC.

Consider your budget: Barcode scanners vary in price, so consider your budget when selecting a scanner. However, it is important not to compromise quality for cost.

Some popular fixed barcode scanners for static DWS system include the LONVILL PD010003:The PD010003 is an all-in-one code reading kit. The kit consists of a standard industrial camera, a lens and a reading light source, and relies on barcode recognition technology to automatically position.The kit is based on self-developed barcode recognition technology, which automatically locates and identifies parcels with barcodes and outputs barcode information quickly and accurately.

The kit is mainly used in courier companies,It is mainly used in the major distribution centres and transfer platforms of courier companies.

Smart Integration Code Reader

fixed scanners for cubiscan

It is important to note that installation and calibration of the fixed barcode scanner should be done by a trained professional to ensure optimal performance. Additionally, regular maintenance and cleaning of the scanner are necessary to maintain accuracy and prolong its lifespan.

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