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Commercial Barcode Scanner Application Areas Feb 14 , 2022

Commercial Barcode Scanner Application Areas

What are the fields of application of commodity barcode scanning guns?

A, handheld barcode scanner (fixed mounted barcode scanner,desktop barcode scanner, PDA, etc.).

1. shopping malls, POS machines, for network payments, WeChat Alipay scanning.

2.flat PC, warehouse goods management, retail goods.

3. Storage centers, logistics and express warehouses commonly used.

commercial barcode scanner

B, the channel gate Station, building access control gates, embedded with QR code scanning module, can be scanning pass code through the access control

Ticket gate, embedded QR code scanning module, can brush the QR code to check tickets, improve efficiency.

C, individual, self-service terminals, embedded barcode scanning module.

1. Self-service vending, retail terminals, automatic top-up, bill payment embedded QR code scanning module forscan code payment.

2.Transmission between official forms, business forms, and various types of information, reducing manual repetitive input of form information, avoiding errors, and

Reduced labor costs and confidential documents..

industrial 2d barcode scanner

D, smart cabinet (logistics, cargo cabinet, etc.).

Embedded QR code scanner module, fordecoding loading and picking up.

E. O2O terminal

O2O terminal, embedded QR code reading module for scanning code payment, electronic member ship,fast invoicing, etc.

F. Document management

Registration and automatic input of documents such as passport, ID card, driver's license, membership card, identification card, etc., which can be read on the spot and improve the management effect.

LONVILL-Jingxin focuses on the development and production of 2D code scanner module (2D code scanning related hardware) and the introduction of customized solutions for 2D barcode identification applications. With 21 years of experience in the IOT automatic identification industry and a good reputation, more than thousands of industry customers with successful case implementation experience, and in this field, we continue to make forward-looking technological breakthroughs, service innovation, to provide domestic and foreign major enterprises and partners with better quality, more cost-effective 2D code identification module, while providing professional scanning module technical services and product solutions.

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