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Common barcode scanner application process in the automotive industry May 23 , 2022

Common barcode scanning application process in the automotive industry

Common application scenarios.

Reading narrower barcode labels in batteries:

The barcode labels affixed to manage the battery serial number are narrow due to the narrow position of the affixed barcode labels. Therefore, the traditional laser type barcode reader will frequently occur reading errors. In contrast, by using a large resolution reader, it is possible to take the barcode in the field of view with a face and no reading error will occur. Also, due to the wide field of view, even if there is a different size of the battery, it will not trigger reading errors.

Batch reading of battery pack modules:

Before configuring the battery pack modules into the body of the vehicle, the batteries are modularized into modules similar to the pattern of 18 in vertical, 8 in horizontal, etc. At this point, the exact installation location of each battery pack must be clearly documented. Reading them one by one with a handheld code reader is very time consuming, whereas an ultra-wide field of view QR code reader can read them all at once.

Reading of the QR code printed with the print code on the resin parts for insulation:

The serial number is stored in the QR code printed on the battery pack. Before installing the electrode cover, the QR code on the battery pack must be read and the electrode cover made of white resin must be printed again with a coding printer. However, once printed with a printer, the 2D code cells are printed unevenly, making them difficult to read. A 2D code reader with a "geometric correction" function enables stable reading.

Reading of rotor grain:

In order to print the QR code immediately after output from the press and to perform a print check, it is necessary to read the QR code. The rotor is a cylindrical product that is manufactured by stamping hundreds of thin iron sheets. It is necessary to print the QR code on the side of the cylinder as an important security part and implement serial number management. As mentioned above, because the rotor is a cylindrical laminate of iron, the background part of the QR code can have fine hair-like grooves, making it difficult to read.

Comprehensive grade determination for reading axes:

2D codes printed on the R side of an axis produce a halo caused by the R side. The print itself is clear, but due to the halo, the "grade determination" value requested by the customer is not very good. As a result, the product is sometimes judged as defective. The code reader can be quickly and easily installed on the main unit without the need for an external power supply and mounting bracket, effectively avoiding these problems.

Tire reading code for automotive industry

dpm barcode scanner

industrial barcode scanner

IP67 2d barcode scanner

Project Status:

Application requirements: automotive tire surface code identification.

Difficulties in application: large field of view and high read rate requirements.

Coding process: labeling.

Application program.

Product selection: ID6200.

Application effect: stable reading of tire surface code information.

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