Dragon Boat Festival Well-being May 30 , 2022

Dragon Boat Festival Well-being

Guangzhou Jingxin Technology Co., Ltd. wishes our new and old partners a happy Dragon Boat Festival.

Our Dragon Boat Festival holiday time: June 3, 2022 - June 5.Normal work on June 6.

Dragon Boat Festival and the Spring Festival and other ancient traditional festivals, is a set of prayers for good fortune, entertainment and food as one of the folklore festival, in the inheritance and development of a variety of folklore in many places as one, the festival is rich in content. Midsummer Dragon Boat Festival, the flying dragon in the sky, the dragon is exuberant, a hundred evils are avoided. Dragon Boat customary activities around the dragon to honor the dragon, pray for good fortune and good fortune, the pressure of evil and hasten the form of disaster, the content is rich and colorful, lively and festive.

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